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3 ingredient Quick Oreo Mousse Recipe | Eggless Chocolate Oreo Mousse Recipe l Cook With Asha



Ayu see, what a yummy photos are there So much desserts like oreo chocolate It looks very yummy I feel like to eat something

After dinner I also feel like to eat something like oreo desert Me too But yesterday we ate all deserts Yes we have finished it all We can't even make anything at this time of lockdown What to eat ? I don't know Mom will have the solution Mom

What happen Anu ? Mom we are very hungry there must me some desert? Something sweet which will prepared fast Which is very yummy And from oreo Which is cake type but cool and nice Did you see friends? This happens with you too right Children suddenly desire to eat sweet And if you have less ingredient at home

So today l have bought 3 ingredient oreo mousse for you Which is very easy to make And fast to make To make oreo mousse l have take 8 oreo cookies You can take as per your requirement l am making for 2 people- 2 cups

So l have took 8 cookies So we have took a mixer jar And l will put oreo cookies in it And l will make powder of it As you can see l have make powder of it

Now lets remove this in a bowl So see friends l have make powder of it Now let us put this aside Now l have took Around 3 table spoon whipped cream Now l will whipped it

I have took electric beater If you don't have this Than you can do by hand beater So let whipped first Now cream is ready And keep it aside

I have taken a glass I have took a piping bag If you don't have this you can use milk plastic bag It can found easily in the market On the cake shop, where we get things to make cake It can found very easily If you don't have this

You can take normal milk packet You can cut the corner like this Just like making heana cone Now l will put half cream I am putting the half cream And rest cream l will mix chocolate

Many of you comment and ask That which cream l use to make cake So today l am showing you See l have took rich brand whip cream It is from gold This is 1kg pack

It is 250rupees a kg you can take this cream Very good whip cream is made from this For making cake or any desert you are making You can make with this easily So see this You can take this online also

Otherwise the shop which sell cake items In that you will find very easily I have took dark chocolate It is around 50 gram If you don't have dark chcolate

Then you can use any chocolate Like Dairymilk Or any chocolate that you have, take that Now we will melt it Melt it in microwave for 30 seconds

If you dont have microwave So in double boiler too Pour some water in bowl Put another bowl on it So in sometime on low medium flame, you can melt it Or you can watch my video, of oreo chocolate That I have melt in double boiler I will melt this So we have melted the chocolate you can see So the half cream which I have kept aside We will add this chocolate in that I am adding this chocolate so we will mix this properly in the cream see this, its mixed if you dont have any chocolate if you have coco powder you can use you can use coco powder also so see friends I have mixed chocolate in cream And we will keep this aside And prepare the glass Friends l have took 2 glass Now lets go to make our mousse

The chocolate cream which I have made We will first put this I will put this oreo powder which we have made We will put this on top See this We have put oreo powder 2-3 table spoon And on top of this The white cream This we will put We will cover it like this

I will again put oreo powder on it We will put cream again on it We will put oreo on it We will put oreo cookie This is oreo reffil

We will put this So our oreo mousse is ready Its look very yummy You also try it You will like it

Kids like this very much We will make the 2nd cup like this only So see friends We have ready 2 oreo mousse It is looking very yummy

Mouth is watering right? Anu, Ayu see what l have bought for you on your table table Oh wow! Wow mom! You have made oreo mousse And so fast I was just thinking this, to have And you have already made

You want desert so how can l not make it Wow mom! Thanks for making this for us It looks very tasty Lets now taste it Wow! Its so yummy It is very creamy

Excally same mousse which is sell in shops It is same It is bigger in size Yes It is very yummy mom thank you

Then you also try Kids like it very much And if you like our video then like is must And share it with everyone Subscribe Cook with Asha

See you with a new receipe Till then bye

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