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3 Ingredients Chocolate Chia Pudding || Easy Keto Dessert Recipes + Vegan


[UltraVid id=179 ]hi I’m ginger and today you were making basic chia pudding here’s a five-minute [Music] clock started off because that’s where it starts right the main thing you need to know about chia pudding is that it’s all about the ratio between the chia seeds and the liquid the ratio we’re going for and usually always work for a good creamy consistency is one to find which means one chia seeds five parts of liquid in this case we’re using 40 grams of chia seeds so that will have 200 milliliters of almond milk in it again I’m using a bowl I like the crunch if you don’t blend them beforehand effect is the same because the fact remains that chia is actually a soluble fiber we discussed this before in our videos where princess blue usually came around because these are really good for your gut bacteria for your gut health you really do help you go and sit on the drawer in the bathroom it has the amount like 100 grams as the entire amount of selenium that you need in a day it’s good in magnesium it’s basically all entirely fiber so you don’t quite need to worry about the carbs as well and you can make delicious noodles as well so I dare you find something negative about chia seeds I dare you I’ll do a very basic version and because of that we’re using chia seeds 40 grams there and you wanna use 200 milliliters of almond meal you can use cream if you want to be really luscious I’m leaving the light version very enormous air quotes because me and light mean cream more likely to that I’m gonna add sweetener my choice is as usual mine on made super lows which you can find recipe up here description below if you’re using a sweetener like powdered sweetener I suggest to please it in the blender first as well so that it can melt better being how they’re rather than just granular and I would use like a teaspoon or two that’s really up to you Destin your taste though because I’m luscious I’m gonna use a teaspoon of cocoa powder as well to make chocolate chia seed pudding in this case I think it’s gonna be like less than 10 grams usually yes seven you mix it vigorously technically this is the part where you could use a blender I’m always too afraid that the chia seeds are jelly sighing too quickly and by the time of the plan the results are they’re gonna be attached to the blender and never get out once it’s nicely put together we put it in the fridge you can leave it a minimum about an hour or up to overnight and the longest is there the creamier and more confident it gets let’s go in the fridge and also your second boom back and it’s been in the fridge for just less than two hours actually and yes you look how I’ll put in diem pretty this meat we’re actually going quick now because I need to eat this this is my ending food of the day just to make it more aesthetically pleasing but I’m not gonna counted in the macros that you find that in a good formula and then add some whipped cream and some cocoa nibs somehow cocoa nibs is the least amount of carbs in chocolate derived we’re in chocolate pure actually product that you can find link for all of these things down there if you’re wondering what we cream I’m using this is purple this is not read this Pyrenees The Ecstatic won by anchor here in the UK this one is actually just double cream so no sugar added just the normal two grams of carbs or per hundred let’s go into it while I take away these let me wash I mean it’s my kind of pretty while I decorated let me remind you that if you liked this video and its efficiency don’t forget to Like and subscribe and if you subscribe don’t forget to bring that back hello because that’s way every time a new video is out you will be notified and you can come and see me and last but very much not least thanks so very much to my patrons because without you guys I wouldn’t be here doing these in fact we’re doing the chia pudding because mg/dl actually asked me in one of the last post if I could do some more fresh and light summer dessert and I think that’s the basic of chia pudding it’s it’s the best fresh and light dessert yet and it’s also this video because yeah so thank you so much to all 38 of you now and if you decide that you want to have your say in my recipes as well and you want to join this amazing 38 so hey link to the VAP circle is up here and down in the description below and if you decide to do so thank you so very much that’s what supports my work thank you again so much for watching and see you at the next recipe [Music]

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