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(light music) – Hello my friends, welcome to my channel, if you're new here, my name is Alyssa Today I am really excited to share three delicious, gluten free, no bake, and vegan snacks with you, in the form of energy balls

You guys know how much I love energy bites, these are one of my go to snacks I always have them on hand, in my freezer, and today I'm going to share three, new flavors that you have not yet seen I'm also excited to be sharing today's video and partnership with Thrive Market I partner with Thrive on a monthly basis and I chose to do today's video, the specific recipes that we have in today's video, because I got all of the base ingredients on Thrive and it's under their own Thrive Market brand, which means, those products are even more discounted than their already discounted prices on the regular goods And today we're using a bunch of their organic nuts as well as their majewel dates and even some of their nut and seed butters

So if you guys are not already a member of Thrive Market, which I know many of you are, but if you are not yet a member, and you're interested in signing up, do, it's amazing, it's like one of the best places to shop online And, by clicking the link that is right below this video you will get 25% off your first order, plus free shipping if you order over $49 and you will get a free 30-day trial So you're getting saving on savings on savings on savings, which to me is like, a win As always I've also included the full recipes for today's video up on the blog so you will find those linked below for you as well And without further ado let's go ahead and dive in

So the first recipe we're gonna make is a chocolate brownie type recipe and we're gonna start with some of Thrive Market's organic walnuts And well as some macadamia nuts or you could use cashews Then we're gonna add in some of their organic majewel dates and we're gonna blend that up until you get a nice sandy texture One you have that texture together, you can add in your raw cacao powder as well as some sort of nut butter I'm using the Thrive Market brand almond butter here but you could use any other nut butter you want

Peanut butter's also delicious Finish it off with a sprinkle of sea salt and then you will just pop the lid back on and blend it up until you have kind of a sticky dough From there, remove the lid one last time Add in some quinoa crispies or you could use brown rice crispies and just pulse those together until they're combined into that dough And we will form these into balls

So the the way to do that is just take about a golf ball sized piece of the dough in your hand, squish it together and then you will just squeeze it in between your hands to form it into a little ball And then roll it into an even sized ball and again they're kind of like, golf ball sized And then you can store these in the fridge of freeze, they will harden up as they sit in fridge or freezer as they cool down And I like to personally keep them in the freezer And these are delicious, they taste like a little bite of chocolate brownie which is good for snacks but also great for a healthy desert

Our second flavor is healthy cake batter energy bites We're gonna start with organic Thrive Market cashews and then we're gonna ad in some flaked coconut We're also gonna add in some rolled oats And we'll pop two majewel dates in there, add the lid on to the food processor and blitz this up until it is a smooth, crumbly texture From there you're gonna add in either vanilla extract or vanilla bean powder, whichever one you can find, as well as some cashew butter

And I do recommend using cashew butter here because it has the most mild flavor I think if you used almond butter if would taste more like almond butter and this doesn't really have that much of a flavor So use cashew butter and Thrive does sell cashew butter And then you will finish it off with some maple syrup Pop the lid back on and blend it up until a dough starts to form, again, it needs to be kind of sticky

You need to be able to squish it between your hands and have it hold its shape If you're not getting that texture just add a splash of water if you need to Once you have that dough together you're gonna add in some natural sprinkles and pulse that together until it's combined into the dough And then just like the last one, we're gonna scoop about a golf ball sized piece of the dough into our hands, squeeze it tightly in between each hand and then roll it into a little ball And the end result is a little cake batter sized energy bite

Actually, before we're gonna pop them in the fridge, we're gonna put them into a plate and then I melt a little bit of coconut butter, which again you can get on Thrive And I just drizzle it on top and it's kind of like an icing I don't think you need to add any sweetener to coconut butter, it kind of has a natural sweetness on its own, and you'll just repeat until you've drizzled coconut butter all over all of the energy bites And then I just finish them off with a few extra sprinkles to make them look really pretty And again, like the brownie ones, I store these in the fridge or the freezer

And the icing will harden up as they cool and these taste so good and they are just really fun too, they're a great little party snack Our last flavor is lemon blueberry and we are gonna start with some dried blueberries I just wanted to show you what dried blueberries look like These are wild blueberries, and again, you can get these on Thrive, and we're gonna use these in the base So we're gonna use raw cashews as well as some majewel dates and the dried blueberries

And you're gonna blend that up and form a kind of sticky texture It's gonna be kind of sandy and sticky From there, just remove the lid and you'll add in the zest of one whole lemon, so it's a lot of lemon zest And then about a tablespoon of lemon juice And I also add in a scoop of protein powder

If you don't wanna do that you can add in some oats if you wanted Pop the lid back on and blend this up until a sticky dough comes together And just like the last ones, you guys know the drill by now, you're gonna take about a golf ball sized piece of the dough in between your hands, this one is a little bit sticky but it will solidify and get less sticky as it sits in the fridge And you'll just roll these into little energy balls And I like to finish these off with a little extra bit of lemon zest

They are really bright and cheery, they taste delicious, and they kind of remind me of a lemon blueberry piece of pie, they're just so good And I highly recommend getting dried blueberries because they're fabulous and things like oatmeal as well as these energy balls All right my friends, I hope you enjoyed today's video, I can't wait to hear which energy ball recipe you try first You really can't go wrong with any of them And like I mentioned, all these recipes are already up on the blog

So if you do want to make them you can find those links down in the description box below I also want to thank Thrive Market for joining us in today's video, as always, I encourage you to check out their store and check out their online presence They have an amazing selection of natural products and I fully, fully believe in the brand and I honestly, personally shop there, on a more than regular monthly basis I shop at least every other week And now they also actually have wine and biodymanic wines

So there's really like no end to choices there and I highly recommend it I also mentioned that I used a bunch of Thrive Market branded products in today's video, so make sure to check that out on their site as well And, just as a friendly reminder, you will also get 25% off your first order if you are not already a member Plus, everyone gets free shipping over $49 and it's just an amazing deal So make sure to click the link that's right below this video

Other than that, I hope you guys have a fabulous rest of your day Thank you so much for tuning in and being here I hope you enjoyed it Don't fit to subscribe before you go by hitting that red button that is right below this video and I'll see you in the next one, buy guys (light music)

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