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3 Puff Pastry Appetizer Recipes | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH


[UltraVid id=148 ]hey guys there is nothing better than a hot order straight from the oven especially when holiday entertaining but getting the quantities in the timing right of these little morsels can take some doing but not to worry today I’m going to show you three varieties of fancy orders that you can make from store-bought puff pastry they’re elegant they’re delicious and the best part is you can make them all a week ahead of time let me show you how to put it together so first up I’m going to show you how to make a brie and fig jam braid I love this hors d’oeuvre idea because you can really just set it and forget it it also looks so beautiful and impressive and guests can just walk in and serve themselves so if you’re having a party of 8 to 12 people I would actually make two of these braids because they really are the first things to go they’re that good so you’re gonna take a cookie sheet that’s flat meaning it doesn’t have a rim because it’ll be easier to get off that way and then we’re going to put down some parchment paper on top of that you’re going to put your store-bought puff pastry and in the center panel you’re going to spread two tablespoons of fig jam and on top of that you’re going to add anywhere from three to four slices of brie cheese and then for the sides this is where the decorative part comes in we are going to slice little strips about half an inch thick all the way down each side panel so do one first count how many you have and make sure you do the same exact amount on the other side you’ll see why in a minute and then you’re going to take the strip’s and alternating bring them into the middle to cover that Riaan fig jam and you’ll start to see a beautiful braid will emerge now if you were making this ahead what I would do at this point is wrap up your braid with your parchment paper cover with foil and pop in the freezer then most before it comes time to bake you’re going to take an egg that’s been beaten well to create a little egg wash and with a pastry brush you are going to brush your braids just all along the side of it and this will give our puff pastry a really nice shine and then we’re going to pop in the oven at 400 degrees for anywhere from 25 to 30 minutes just until that puff pastry is nice and golden-brown and puffed up and then once it’s done you’re going to slide it off onto a cutting board this is what makes this really easy as you want to make sure that guests have a way to cut into this and serve themselves and then I also like to top with some chopped walnuts and then place a decorative knife on the board as well and when you cut into it you will see why this is the first one to go at any party it is so cheesy and delicious and you’ve got that sweetness of the jam underneath and the crunch of a walnut it’s a great flavor combination for holiday entertaining and it looks so impressive too when it really took hardly any time to put together next up something a little bit harder we’re going to go to the Italian sausage pinwheels this is a great hors d’oeuvre that I like to serve once everybody has arrived and I usually count on anywhere from two to three pieces per person you’ll get about 20 pieces per log so that way you can factor how many you’ll need based on how many guests you’re having so all you’re going to do is roll out your puff pastry and then on the short side you’re going to take your egg wash and give it a brush just about an inch or so this will help seal our roll once we roll it all up and then on top of that we’re going to sprinkle about 2/3 cup of Italian blend cheese and then on top of the cheese you’re going to add 3/4 teaspoon of Italian seasoning and then on top of that you’re going to add two hot italian sausages that have been cooked and crumbled and then you’re just going to roll up this log making sure that you roll it tightly so all of the filling does not pour out and at this stage if you were doing it ahead of time you would just cover it with parchment paper and then a layer of aluminum foil and pop in your freezer and then the day of your party I would take it out of the freezer and put it in your fridge to thaw out and then when it comes time to bake you’re going to slice your roll into about half inch slices and you’ll see you’ll have little pinwheels and you want to space them out on a parchment lined cookie sheet and then you’re gonna pop these in the oven at 400 degrees for anywhere from 12 to 15 minutes and then you can place these on asserting platter and pass them around the room and you will see these will also disappear in a flash the combination of the gooey cheese and the Italian seasoning makes for that spicy Italian sausage makes this such a delicious order you will not be disappointed I promise and then finally I present you with the mushroom tartlets I love this hors d’oeuvre as well because there’s something so hearty about a mushroom appetizer mixed with puff pastry and cheese you cannot go wrong so you’re going to take out that store-bought puff pastry again and the nice thing is it does come scored into three panels so you’re going to cut those three panels just right down the seam and then you’re going to take one of those panels and you’re going to cut it in half and then cut the halves in half and what that will do is create four equal sized little rectangles then you’re going to take those rectangles put them in a mini muffin tin now for these orders because of the last one of the party I typically will just make 12 also mushrooms people either love them or hate them so I usually make the least amount of this kind but for those who love mushrooms this is a winner I’m one of those people that love mushrooms so I love this order so you’re gonna go ahead and just fit this pastry into your little mini muffin tin and then you are going to fill each muffin tin with my special holiday mushroom blend now it’s a really simple recipe I’ll leave it for you in the description but it’s essentially just mushrooms shallots thyme and a little bit of Worcestershire sauce and we’re going to fill one teaspoon of the mushroom blend into each cup and top with a little sprinkle of Italian cheese that’s all you have to do now if you were making these ahead of time you could just wrap this whole thing in foil and pop it in your freezer until you’re ready to serve and then when it comes time to bake you’re going to put these in a 400 degree fahrenheit oven for about 15 minutes just until that pastry is nice and golden brown and the cheese is bubbly then you can take them out and allow them to cool slightly transfer them to a serving platter and then garnish each one with a little sprig of fresh thyme and there you have it another fancy elegant hors d’oeuvre that is also as delicious as it is pretty so there you have it three fancy hors d’oeuvres that you can make with store-bought puff pastry I hope you guys give this one a try and let me know what you think and I will see you back here next week for another holiday Helper until then bye

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