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3 Savory Pop-Tarts (YOU CHOSE THE FLAVORS!) Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 138



Hi Bold Bakers! This week, I made puff pastry as part of bold baking basics Then I turned to my social media and I asked you, “what should I make with a puff pastry?” Unanimously, you actually said something savory

And Samiya actually requested more pop tart flavors so we are going to make savory pop tarts I’m going to be checking my social media throughout the episode because what you request will determine what I make So let’s get baking together So here’s my puff pastry Now it is really easy to make if you haven’t already seen the video, there isn’t a huge amount of folding like you normally see in traditional puff pastry but it has great results so make sure you check that out

So just go ahead and dust your counter with some flour My puff pastry has been out of the fridge for about 5 minutes so it’s easier to roll and what we want to do is just roll it out until it’s around a quarter to half a centimeter thick So if you see those bits of a butter, that’s what makes puff pastry really fluffy and delicious Lot’s of butter Ok, that’s it

I can feel that my pastry is still nice and thick Looking good So now I’m going to take my ruler and my pizza cutter, but you can also use a knife And we are going to cut out rectangles that are 3 inches by 4 inches Remember when you’re cutting them out that we need 2 pieces for each Pop-Tart

And when you have your rectangles cut out, lay them on a tray lined with parchment paper Leave around 2 inches between each piece of pastry on the tray so they don’t bake into eachother With any leftover pieces of pastry, just fold them on top of themselves and roll them out again We’re going to make as many pop tarts as we can So our puff pastry is cut out and it is ready to go so now let’s determine what flavors we’re going to make

I’m going to go to facebook and see what’s going on over there Allison Lee suggested steak and guiness pie I like the sound of that, Allison But I don’t have steak in the house right now so we’re going to go with something I do have Ann Lynch said salmon platt

I adore salmon in puff pastry I love it love it love it So I’m going to put a pin in that for later Here’s one Alaney Katherine Adams said cheese scones

So we can incorporate cheese in one of these I’m going to take a little bit of that And Tom Rad suggested a chicken and ham pie That is something very typical that we would have in Ireland Chicken and ham pie, they’re really delicious But I do have ham and I do have cheese, so we are going to make a cheese and ham Pop-Tart

So for this pop tart, all you need is some cooked ham, kind of like sandwich ham Generally this is always in my fridge But this is a good opportunity to go through your fridge and see what you have and then you can come up with your own flavor combinations And then when you do, be sure to share them with me on social media I love to see your creations

So on top of the ham, I’m going to add on some cheese that I grated This is cheddar cheese In Ireland, we are really fortunate to have fantastic cheddar cheese So much flavor, it’s salty, it’s creamy, it’s yummy When making your little pop tarts, make sure not to overstuff them because they do have the tendency to pop open in the oven

Ok so that’s that one Fantastic Great idea, I’m loving it On to our next one So I am on instagram right now

There are a lot of messages coming in even as I’m saying this And I’m seeing a lot of requests for samosas I love samosas as much as the next person I won’t be making them today but I will put a pin in it for later, maybe it’s something we can do in the future But I absolutely love them

Definitely I’m getting the vibe for something vegetarian, which I’m all about There’s a request here from the browneyedbrunette And she requests something creamy and something savory and I have just the trick because in the fridge, I have some ricotta, which is very savory And I also have some spinach So we mix those two together and that will make a lovely savory pop tart

A spinach and ricotta filling is so easy All you need is some spinach that has been cooked You can cook it yourself or you can buy spinach that’s already been cooked and frozen, and then obviously defrosted If you do buy that, make sure you squeeze out the water because it can have a lot of water in it And then we have some ricotta because it’s spinach and ricotta

If you can’t find ricotta, what you can use is actually my homemade cream cheese and that will work really well in this recipe Into this, to bind it, we are going to add in one egg Now if you don’t eat eggs, that’s totally fine You can just leave it out All the egg does is thicken it and bind it better together

But you can leave it out if you don’t want it We’re going to add in a generous pinch of salt and some freshly cracked black pepper And then just mix it all together with a fork These are the kinds of recipes that I love because you don’t have to stick to the rules If you don’t like ricotta, you can add in marscapone

You can make them any which way you like If you want a little heat, you can also add some chili flakes in there, that will work really well And then just mix it until it’s really well combined I’m listening to my phone going off and I’m hearing that Johnny, who is a huge supporter of my channel, thanks so much Johnny, is asking for apple turnovers And actually so are a lot of other people

I am going to remember apple turnovers when it comes a little closer to fall and maybe I’ll do it then But it’s a great idea With your spinach mix, just put a big spoonful in the center of your piece of pastry And remember, leave a little rim around the edge because we need that little bit of pastry to make our pastry sandwich for our Pop-Tart Ok, two pop tart flavors determined by you, these are looking fantastic

I can’t wait to see what we do for our next one Ok so on instagram, still lots of great suggestions Strudel, mille feuille, all great suggestions Something that is really standing out to me is a request from Izzy and she said a pizza Pop-Tart I am all about that, I think that is a fantastic idea

I actually met Izzy not too long ago in Santa Monica and we had a baking day together It was a lot of fun She absolutely loves my videos so I am really excited to do this one Pizza pop tart is really simple because we’re just going to take everything we love about pizza and then put it in some pastry So here I have a little bit of pizza sauce

I have a recipe for this on biggerbolderbakingcom along with the recipes for all my other pop tarts Careful not too put on too much sauce because it can flow a little bit Next up, my favorite part of pizza, mozzarella cheese Yummy

Pepperoni is my favorite pizza so I’m going to put on mini pepperonis And you can do any flavor pizza you like I like dried Italian herbs so I’m going to sprinkle a few on The great thing about these is, as long as you have the pastry, you can make as many pop tarts as you like So I’m going to keep on going

Our pop tarts are almost finished, we just need to seal them up I have a little bit of egg wash here and all you want to do is just brush it around the edges of the Pop-Tart Then take the other piece of pastry that’s going to be his hat, sometimes it helps if it’s a little bit bigger, and then just place it over your Pop-Tart If you need it to be a little bit bigger, feel free to roll it out a little bit more And then we’re going to take a fork, and just go around the edges to seal the edges together so all the filling stays where it’s supposed to be

And then with your fork, pierce a few holes in the top and this lets out steam during the baking so your pastry doesn’t pop open Then a little extra touch to make sure that it’s a beautiful golden brown coming out of the oven, we are going to egg wash the top again Ok I’m going to go and finish the rest of my pop tarts So at this point, if you don’t want to bake them off, you can actually freeze them raw And then they will live in your freezer happily for about 8 weeks and then whenever you come in from school or from work, you can pop them into the oven from frozen and bake them until they’re golden brown

And they are the perfect treat And that’s it, we are all glazed and ready for the oven Bake your pop tarts off at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 200 degrees Celsius until they’re lovely and golden brown My timer just went off and I can smell the buttery pastry in the air so let’s go check on our pop tarts This is a sign of a good puff pastry, you see all those lovely layers? This is perfect

And just look at how golden brown they are, they’re going to be delicious Our Pop-Tarts have cooled down a little bit and I’m happy to see that the filling is still inside them So I’m just going to pick one, open it up and see what’s inside Look at that beautiful, flaky pastry Ok what’s in this guy? Ham and cheese! Oh look at that

Lovely pastry, warm gooey cheese on the inside This is a great suggestion because it tastes like a ham and cheese toasted sandwich but better because it’s wrapped in pastry Let’s move onto our next one Oh spinach and ricotta Yummy

Look at that, I love when they’re thick with filling just like this one The thing I like about this flavor is that it’s really savory, it kind of reminds me of dinner It’s absolutely delicious Fantastic suggestion, I love it Ok so we know what the last flavor is, I just have to find out which one it is on the tray

And it is pizza! Yummy yummy, look at that Flaky pastry, tomato, mozzarella Everything you would want, wrapped up in pastry This pizza pop tart is a win win Pizza and buttery pastry, how can you go wrong? Thank you so much for all the fantastic suggestions, baking along with me today and helping me create this episode of bigger bolder baking

Follow me on social media I post every day and talk with my other bold bakers I’ll see you back here next week for more Bigger Bolder Baking

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