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3 Ways to Use Protein Powder | Healthy, Dessert-Inspired Recipes



– Hey guys, and welcome back to the FFFHQ where today I have three different recipes that use protein powder for you, and they're all inspired by your favorite dessert Make sure you hit that subscribe button so you don't miss the recipes every single week, and now we're ready to dive in

So number one is one of my favorites, and it's one of my go-to breakfasts We're gonna make some cinnamon roll protein oatmeal So we're gonna make our oatmeal base, we have a half a cup of rolled old fashion oats You can use gluten-free if needed And then we have two tablespoons of Truvia, or you can use your sweetener of choice

Just wanna mix those together, and then we have one cup of water, you always wanna use about double the amount of water that you have oats And a quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla extract (lighthearted music) You wanna turn your stove on to high heat, and bring it to a boil So once it's boiling, you're gonna let it cook for about four or five minutes stirring pretty frequently until it's nice and thick and creamy So once your oats are nice and creamy and thick, it's time to take 'em off the heat

So this, you wanna put it into a bowl to cool while we finish making the cinnamon roll filling topping So now we're ready to make that protein swirly cinnamon goodness, so we have two tablespoons of vanilla protein powder of choice, I'm using whey Then we have some coconut sugar which is like a natural version of brown sugar, so you can totally use brown sugar if that's all you have, and then some cinnamon, and then just stir it together So now we have to thin it out with some water, and the amount of water you use is really gonna depend on your protein powder I typically use about four to five teaspoons of water, so you wanna probably add about three or four, and then stir, and see where you're at

And you may need to use more than me, or even a little bit less But you kinda wanna go for like a wet, but kind of spreadable consistency, almost kind of like a little bit thicker peanut butter (lighthearted music) Now we're gonna be super fancy, and we're gonna put our filling into this parchment paper bag so we can swirl it on top, but you totally don't need to do this, you can just mix it in, it tastes the same, but this is if you just want some pretty oats So you just wanna scoop that nice cinnamon paste, that's the only word to describe it, into your parchment paper bag The tip's cut off so that we can make it nice and swirly

So what's a good cinnamon roll without some cream cheese frosting? So we're not really gonna make frosting, but we are gonna make a little bit of a cream cheese topping So we have a tablespoon of reduced fats cream cheese softened to room temperature Then you wanna use an eighth of a teaspoon of vanilla, or a little bit more And then we're gonna sweeten it to taste, I usually use about a teaspoon to two teaspoons of Truvia, and then just mix it together So we're gonna be fancy again which again, you don't have to do, and scoop your cream cheese frosting into the parchment paper bag

And make sure there's a tip cut off at the end And then just pipe it over top exactly like you're frosting a cinnamon roll (lighthearted music) Cinnamon roll protein oatmeal is ready for you to have for breakfast, and now we're ready to move on to some protein powder cookie dough So because protein powder cookie dough, we have five tablespoons of vanilla protein powder, I'm using whey, and that should be about 30 grams or so Every protein powder weighs something different, so I do find it helpful to weigh your protein powder

And then you have a tablespoon of coconut flower, and just a pinch of salt, and whisk it all together And then we have some unsweetened apple sauce, this gives it a really good soft cookie dough texture About one teaspoon of unsweetened vanilla almond milk Again, this is gonna depend on your protein powder, like the cinnamon roll protein oatmeal So you kinda just wanna add and go, and mix as you add

So you kinda want it to be not nice and soft, but not liquid-y We're going for a texture of cookie dough (lighthearted music) So optional, but recommended is a quarter teaspoon of natural butter extract, it does really give it that buttery flavor that we expect from cookie dough If you don't have it, you don't have to use it, but it really will change the texture and the taste So as you can see, this has got a nice cookie dough texture

So I wanna add in some chocolate chips because always, and then stir in (lighthearted music) Protein packed cookie dough is ready for you, and now we're ready to make a mint chocolate chip protein shake (lighthearted music) So we're pretty much just gonna put everything into a blender So that's gonna be about a quarter of a cup of avocado which is about half a large avocado, and make sure it's nice and soft, or it's hard to blend And a quarter of a cup of 2% vanilla Greek yogurt, it's better when you have a little bit of the fat, you can use fat-free, but again, flavor

We have half a cup of packed kale which I promise you cannot taste, it just gives it that really nice green color like we have to have for a mint chocolate chip smoothie Little bit of agave, you can use honey too, both work And a quarter cup of vanilla protein powder which makes it really creamy and thick, also gives it some nice protein to keep it nice and filling Then we have some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a quarter teaspoon of mint extract of course for the minty goodness, and then half a cup of crushed ice, and then we're just gonna blend it all together (blender whirring) So for 15 seconds, it's not gonna be fully blended, but then you wanna add in your chocolate chips, and completely blend until it's nice and creamy and smooth

(blender whirring) (lighthearted music) Three different ways to use protein powder all inspired by your favorite desserts, and perfect for breakfast or snacks Which one would you try first? Please leave a comment below and let me know, I also love to hear your thought of this video, and I'd really appreciate a like and a thumbs up, and make sure you hit that subscribe button 'cause I'm delivering new and healthy recipes, product reviews, health tips, you name it, I got it every single week So go enjoy your protein powder, and we'll see you next time Bye for now (lighthearted music)

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