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33 How My Daughters Learned to Cook



I'm Louise Haffa, and I live in Princeton, New Jersey I grew up in Trenton, and my two daughters grew up also, in a church that was mostly Hungarian people

 And I learned to cook in their strain I have, uh, had a very good instructor My mother came from Hungary So as my children grew up they became very fond of those specialty dishes that she taught me to make And as my daughters grew up, they wished to also learn how to cook, as well as I did

 So my husband thought it would be, a very long distance to, uh, for me to phone each menu He took the video camera and taped, each one of the meals that I was making, and the daughters were so happy, because to this day they still use the video film that my husband made And that is how they learned how to cook Hungarian style

Source: Youtube

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