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3D Camera Cake but will it Survive a plane trip? How To Cook That Ann Reardon



Welcome to How To Cook That I'm Ann Reardon and you guys have asked me so many questions about what camera I use to film well I was filming with the Panasonic GH4 and I've recently updated to this the GH5 Panasonic have actually asked me to make a cake version of this camera for an event in Sydney so I'm going to make this but scale it up to feed more people I've made a template for all the cake pieces and the fondant details and you can get that and all the recipe details that you need to make this on the howtocookthatnet website and there's a link to that below

You'll need to bake three trays of my rich chocolate cake recipe and bake them and let them cool completely Now to make some of the details if you look at the template there is a bunch of circle buttons that are all the same size To cut those out you could use the top of a piping tip or if you don't have one that size a bubble tea straw works really well Push it down into the black fondant to make your buttons and you'll need to cut a bunch of those and I'd suggest you cut way more than you think you need so that if you make a mistake when we're painting them later you've got spare Next we're going to make this little joystick bit which is just like a ball with a circle on top

firstly roll out some fondant on a slope so that it's thinner on one side and cut a circle in the sides shown on the template and now you can see it's thinner on one side and thicker on the other and just put that flat on some non-stick baking paper While we're here I'm going to cut that one too, just use the template so you know how big to cut these circles For the joystick roll the ball of black fondant and cut it into two pieces it will squash down as you cut it but that's okay you can just round it out between your fingers just gently roll it until it's round again

then use a little bit of water to make it stick and add it into the center of our sloped piece Then cut a circle using a normal-sized straw and place that little bit on top and that's the joystick done For this button here we've already cut this one on the slope and now we need to cut a smaller circle to go on top of that and again just use a tiny bit of water to make it stick Now for the next size circle you don't want to cut it out you just want to make an indent in the centre Then using a sharp knife cut a little segment out of that outer circle and pull that out and then add in a little piece of black fondant sticking out

Cut a tiny rectangle and add it going across that indented segment there Then take a really fine paintbrush and brush on some white food coloring to make a line on the switch part there and add the letters for autofocus or auto exposure lock Painting on the letters takes a long time because they are so small you have to do it really really carefully but you can make all of these fondant details up to a month ahead and just leave them to dry out so I suggest you do that so that you're not stressing out trying to paint tiny letters the day before a party Do the same for all the round buttons that we cut earlier painting on each one there's a display button 4 different custom functional buttons and a play button so you can review what you've filmed For the colour on these you'll need to mix green with white because if you just use green it's not going to show up on the black fondant and you can see all of the rest of the buttons that you need to paint on the photo on the template Okay so now we want to make this click wheel or menu selection one I'm going to use a straw to cut out the middle and this one for the next circle and then this one is not quite the right size but we'll use it anyway, if you've got the right size you can use it, but I'm just going to gently squash the fondant to make it a little bit bigger to spread it out to the right size Then use the other cutters to indent the center of the circle To make the little arrow indents, just take a brand-new eraser and cut a triangular strip off the corner and then you can just push it in to make your little arrows all around the button Cut a thin strip of black and add it to the edge and trim it to the right size and then repeat that all the way around

For the two mode buttons on the top of the camera roll a cylinder of black on some netting to get that textured look on the edges and then cut a circle of black fondant and using a little bit of water stick it into the middle Then using the back of a piping tip indent around that in the centre, then cut a little chunk of black and add it on one side Then yes you guessed it paint on those tiny details This mode wheeler so you can select video or photo or any of your manual presets that you've set up and some of the presets that are already there Next we have a couple of dials

to make them take a piece of fondant and roll it in a domed shape so it goes up in the middle then use the back of a knife to indent it so you get that corrugated pattern Cut off the edges so you can make sure it's straight and then carefully cut down a cross in the center and then cut another cut so you've got that rounded dial there Set those aside to dry out and whip up some buttercream while you're waiting

Cut out each of the layers of cake using the template as your guide and then let's start with the lens Add some buttercream to baking paper and then add your first circle of cake squirt on some simple syrup then more buttercream and continue to layer it up to the top

cover the edges in buttercream and then on the top make a circle indent and cut down on an angle so that you're cutting out a cone-shaped chunk out of the cake, then cover the top in buttercream too Use some acetate to smooth out the sides and once it's all looking good place that in the fridge to firm up Put your camera template on the cake board and position it how you want the camera to sit then add cake layer one over the body of the camera Remove your template from underneath and then what I suggest you do so it doesn't move on the cake board is add a little bit of buttercream underneath it because this cake has to go on a flight I don't want it to move! Just like we did with the lens add simple syrup then buttercream and then the next layer of cake and keep going till you get to layer three and then you want to cut 4 cake supports to the same height as the cake push them down into the cake and then add the cake board on top and the purpose of this is to stop the weight of the top of the cake from compressing the bottom of the cake and making it go out of shape Add the remaining layers to the top and then take your template put it in front and cut the top of the cake to shape

just take off a little bit at a time carving it along the line that you've got on your template there If you look at the cake from the top you also need to carve off a tiny bit across the back of the camera it doesn't need to be rounded it's like a flat edge off the corner Then on the bit that sticks up cut a line straight down and then slice a tiny bit off that back section so it's at a slightly lower level then you want to cover the whole thing in buttercream all over Use some acetate to smooth it out and place it in the fridge Grab the lens out of the fridge and peel off the baking paper and wrap it in black fondant Press the extra fondant in around the edges and stand the lens back upright agains Tuck the edges on top in too then add a piece into the cone shape and then just tuck it in so that it's sitting nice and neatly there then add a ring of black over the top and that looks like the of our lens there

Add a wider ring of black and this is just to hold the pretend glass bit off the fondant To make the pretend glass bit put some isomalt into a jug and microwave it until it's melted let most of those bubbles subside and then pour the hot isomalt into a circle cookie cutter

Do the same for the viewfinder and for that shape I'm using aluminium that I've just bent to the right shape then you just need to leave those to set Push the viewfinder piece into some black fondant and then build up black fondant around it in the shapes shown on the template and then leave that to one side Add the isomalt circle on top of the lens and then put another ring of black on top of that Using the template cut the shape of the lens hood and wrap that around the lens I've added extra tylose powder into the fondant for this bit and that just helps it dry out quickly and hold its shape

Now it's time to cover the cake in fondant roll it out and lift it up and place it over the top but my fondant is ripping that's why I'm backing off here can you see yeah it's just ripping! it's quite humid here today and that is not ideal for covering a cake so if you have that problem roll it out again and the solution is to leave the fondant on your rolling mat lift up the mat and lay that over the cake and then peel off your silicon rolling mat so that it just gives it a bit of support while you're bringing it over

Smooth the fondant around the shape of your cake You can spray the fondant with cooking oil while you work to stop it drying out before you've smoothed it into the shape that you need If it looks like there's too much fondant on the sides and it's going to crease don't panic just lift and lower it as you smooth it down from the top and it's just pretty amazing I don't know how this works but as you lift and lower it starts to just conform to the shape of the cake and you don't need to make creases in it Trim off the excess fondant from around the base and store it in a plastic bag for later, then use a fondant smoother to flatten the sides and the edges of the camera Anywhere that you need a pointy corner just gently push the fondant in together using your fingers to make a line

Next we need to make these corrugated bands that go around the lens To make this pattern I bought an afro comb it is brand new and even though it is new I'd still suggest you wash it and dry it before you use it Push it all the way in along and then straighten one edge using a knife and a ruler Now the template shows you the width this needs to be but I'm going to cut it slightly wider in case it stretches a bit thinner when I pick it up Now I'm going to add a strip of fondant under the lens to hold it slightly off the board and hopefully help it stay in place during travel

Add a little water to the camera body and then add the lens into place now you can just drape that strip over the top for the zoom ring and then trim it to length and tuck it in under and around the lens If any of your corrugations are a bit crooked like mine are, now is the time to straighten those up Repeat that with another strip for the focus ring Add a rectangle on one side then make a little indent and add a triangle there so you know which way to slide open the SD card slots Add a dot of red fondant on top of the lens

Indent a line and then paint on some more details Add a rectangle to the top and indent it for the hotshoe mounting point and now it's time to paint the details that are on the camera body itself This is a bit more awkward because you can't lay it flat as you paint it so you'll just have to do your best as you go for some of these Add a rectangle to the back for the flip screen I indented this with the word Lumix using a rectangle piece of eraser just like I did when we were doing the triangles earlier Then start to add the other buttons into place looking at the template if you're not sure where they go For the scroll wheels cut a strip of fondant out and just push them into place then indent a line around it you don't want to cut through the fondant when you do this just make an indent Add the autofocus button and the little joystick that we made then add the details that go on top of the camera the drive mode dial, the mode dial and on and off switch the shutter release button, the front dial Draw some lines around that

the white balance, ISO and exposure compensation buttons and the video record button You can also press the shutter release button to start and stop recording you don't have to use the video one 😊 then add the viewfinder to the back and cover the board with white fondant and paint it with brown food coloring to make it look like wood If you need more instructions on doing this would effect our fondant make sure you watch my Guitar cake video where I show you that in a bit more detail

And there you have a camera cake big enough to serve about 45 people but the question is will it survive a plane flight?! Captain: Ensure your luggage is securely stowed underneath the seat in front of you your seat back or into the overhead locker Your seat will need to be upright, your tray table stowed, window shade to the open position and if your seat belt fastened And we remind you to take care when you open the overhead lockers just in case your luggage has MOVED during the flight! I also made two chocolate cameras for prizes for the event and yes despite being stuck in the air circling due to airport closure and a rough landing I was very relieved when I got the cake box down out of the hand luggage compartment and the cake was still in one piece! 😅 My arms were literally shaking by the time I carried the cake all the way through the airport past all the gates and waited a long time for a taxi but we got there in the end and everyone enjoyed eating it

Subscribe to How To Cook That and hit the bell to turn on notifications for all of my new videos, click here for my guitar cake to see how to do that woodgrain effect, here from a Europe trip and here for the latest video Make it a great week and I'll see you on Friday 💕

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