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4 HOURS of Cooking for THIS!! Making Egyptian Ta'ameya w/ Bassem Youssef | Cooking with Marshmello



Hello MarshmellО! Enjoying the paper and a cup of joe? Mello If that's you Then who's

? Your friend, Bassem Youssef What a pleasant surprise How about we make some vegan Egyptian Ta'ameya from your home country

We'll need: Cumin Oil Garlic Parsley Corn starch

Chopped brown onion Salt Baking soda And split and peeled fava To begin, place the fava beans in a bowl with water and baking soda

("Power" by Marshmello) (upbeat success sound) And wait four hours for them to soak (record scratch) (booing audience) (clock ticking) (circus music) (soothing lullaby) Once soaked, set aside so we can prepare our falafel mixture In a food processor, combine the onion, garlic, parsley, corriander corn starch, baking soda, cumin and salt ♪ One, two, three come on! Process until the ingredients are finely chopped ("Power" by Marshmello) (laser beam) Now add the drained fava beans to the processed mixture, and pulse until a coarse paste is formed

(jackhammer) Don't overdo it and form a puree (crickets) Once mixed, it's time to form our falafel Scoop a few tablespoons with your hands, and form little patties of any shape you wish With your falafel ready, put them on a sheet to bake After baking, serve the falafel with tomatos, cucumbers, tahini and whatever veggies you desire

Now that's some good looking falafel! Thanks for joining us Bassem See you all next week

Source: Youtube

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