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4-Ingredient Chocolate Vegan Cookies Recipe



What's up friends? Welcome back to the kitchen of Fit Men Cook Today we have a quick and fun recipe

They asked me to make more sweet recipes and I remembered that I had not done one in a long time, so today we will fulfill that sweet whim with some very simple vegan cookies of dark chocolate and only 4 ingredients And, seriously, they're great, because they combine many of my favorite things, first, dark chocolate, and we will not use any, we will use a processed chocolate, I like to do that and play with colors, but if you only find it in powder, it's fine And the second ingredient that I love They are the almonds These cookies will be totally gluten free and of seeds, because we will use almond flour, and to increase the flavor right at the end, If you want to add a creamy filling, we will use creamy almond butter, Yes, you will love this recipe, it is very simple and children can do it Everyone can be in the kitchen to enjoy of this chocolate delight

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, let's start The first thing we will do is mix our dry ingredients I have super fine almond flour, and to make sure I do not have lumps I will use a fork to smooth it Then we add extra dark chocolate powder I used a mixture of dark and processed chocolate to give it an almost black appearance, It has a lot of chocolate, but the great thing about the processed is that it does not add more flavor to chocolate, but only increases the color

What I do is bring the fork to the edge of the bowl to make sure I eliminate most lumps The next thing is to pour maple syrup, I also like to use agave, but the maple it's a little more dense and helps create a dense cookie dough This is an optional ingredient, dark chocolate sparks sweetened with stevia, how beautiful We take a baking sheet, we put waxed paper, we take a spoon, or rather two tablespoons, and we put them here to make cookies Do not worry about making them look very good, the most important thing is to be able to eat them and that they know well, try the mass

If this tastes good, they are ready Then we will bake them for 20-25min at 350ยบ When they are a little cold we remove them from the tray and we have these beautiful and delicious cookies, Well, a little beautiful, it depends on how they are given, but they are beautiful for being so delicious Look at them, there you can see the chocolate spark I have to do it, I have to try them

God I love when cookies are crispy on the outside, but very soft inside Do you want to try them? Tell people how they are doing They know very well They are very good as is, but if you want a little more and have something extra, we already know that they are Almond cookies and bitter chocolate, right? But we can add a creamy filling of almond butter to have almond cookie sandwiches and dark chocolate

They are this color because I used the processed chocolate, They are delicious All right, folks, that was today's video, I hope you liked this recipe, I know you will enjoy creating this simple recipe, and if they do not have the dark chocolate processed, you can use normal, just make sure it's At least 60% cocoa, is the most important, we want it to be something rich in fiber and magnesium, but also in antioxidants Very good friends, Thanks for watching the video, if you like these recipes I invite you to press the Like button, remember to subscribe to the channel and do not forget activate the bell, please, so that they receive notifications every time we publish new content Very good friends, Thank you very much for watching the video, until next time, keep healthy, but, of course, never, never bored Goodbye friends They are delicious


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