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4 Meals, 4 Ingredients, 4 Dollars – College Cooking (Pt. 1)


[UltraVid id=194 ]no surprise that Mike and I got into cooking when we were young and we didn’t have a lot of money who didn’t even have a lot of time a lot of it was cooking in college a lot I was cooking late night drunk high tired just want to whip some stuff up quick so we’ve kind of become the masters of quick cheap evening I would say munchies you could call it yeah I always have the munchies always have something to make so we’ve put together a list of our favorite quick cheap super easy recipes that you can whip up in no time and we’re gonna give it to you right now [Music] one thing that was crucial in my cooking repertoire back in my college days was my pasta game I always had some box of pasta lying around penne rigatoni even spaghetti whatever whatever you have is great but I would take it and I would boil the noodles first usually it’s around 12 minutes to cook pasta through so for half of the time I would boil the noodles plain six minutes I would cut up a few vegetables whatever you had lying around in your fridge then the second 50% of the cooking time the second six minutes I would take those vegetables and I would throw them in with the pasta and they’re gonna sort of blanch cook through with the pasta and they’re gonna be perfect when they come out so all the sudden 12 minutes later the pastas done you dump everything out into a strainer now you have your cooked vegetables and your cooked pasta perfect you pour that back into the same pan you have and then add whatever sauce you have I love Alfredo I always had a can of that lying around so I just add a few little tablespoons of the Alfredo mix that around make sure you cook the sauce into the noodle that’s very important cook it for another minute it’s gonna finish everything’s gonna come together and then you can plate it up I like to sprinkle on a little bit of extra Parmesan cheese on the top you can hit with some fresh herbs all the sudden you’ve taken those leftover vegetables and that box of pasta that you were can even use and you turned it into a beautiful gourmet pasta dish that all your friends will enjoy you may have heard of something called a Popeye sometimes they call it an egg in a basket well I’ve invented something called a negative tortilla and this came because I had a lot of tortillas and a lot of eggs they both last a long time keep them in your fridge and I wanted to do something creative with them so all you do is you take a little corn tortilla take it in half give it a bite and then you got your little circle in there then you throw it in a pan with some oil and you start to fry out one side then you flip it over you frappe the other side you’re getting this tortilla crispy once it’s nice and crispy crack an egg in the hole hit it with some salt it is a little bit of pepper give it some smoked paprika then you flip it over nice and sprinkle cheese all over it and then let it cook more on that side of tortillas gonna get crispy like a nacho chip take it off hit it with some sauce cut into it eat delicious it’s such a fasiq you can honestly make it in three minutes and you can make a bunch of them real easy delicious perfect late night just I’m nacho chip pitch and goat cheese every hungover Saturday the first thing I would do is make a trip straight to my local campus kotoba I would order the quesadilla and enjoy that just sucked up everything it seemed to be the perfect hungover food but then something changed in my life I realized how easy it was to make quesadillas at home what I would do is I would just buy a whole thing of flour tortillas they would last you for about two weeks in your fridge I would cut up whatever fresh vegetables I had and cook them off loved using the Foreman grill it was a great panini press that’s the great thing about that thing it works as a goddamn panini press but you can also cook vegetables right on there after the vegetables were sauteed down I would throw on my meat love using chicken beef whatever you go cook the meat up with you vegetables and then remove all that stuff remove it get it out of there get your tortilla back on the Foreman get it a little crispy add on all of your vegetables and your meats top it with cheese of course it’s not a case of deal without a whole lot of cheese a shredded shredded cheese and then fold the tortilla right over you make your quesadilla put the foreman down panini press the out of that thing make sure you cook it until it’s crispy it’s gonna take about three to five minutes you’ll see the brown edge you’ll see the melting cheese you’ll see the gloriousness take that thing out chop it up enjoy you’ll never go to cadeau but again it’s like oh it’s a sideways taco a lot of times when people are cooking leftovers they think oh well this stuff it’s leftover I’m just gonna throw it out it’s old my breads stale that is not always the case you can take bread that is rock-hard and if you know how to reheat it you can make it a whole new beast meatball parmesan Nene is one of the greatest things that you will ever say and think of to eat so you take the meatballs you keep those guys up I like these a Foreman grill I use it since I was a little kid it’s easy it’s one setting it’s on it’s off you know where that high cold medium is and they’re professional chefs and we still use the joists honestly one of the first things I ever cooked on you heat up those and meet the bowls you take your bread that’s rock-hard you give that a cut you put the fresh mozzarella cheese on the bread you pick the meat the balls on top cover it in the sauce and then you you can just shred or grate or whatever you want to call it or and sprinkle some sort of Parmesan cheese on top salt and pepper if you want put the top on put it back on your little Foreman grill and if you don’t have a Foreman grill you can still do it in a pan you weigh it down you saute it on both sides this point is when you heat that old stale bread up you give it some life it’s gonna be delicious and it’s gonna love you for the end of time and by the time you read it again you’re gonna have a delicious meat both parmesan with crispy bread crispy bread that’d be important once was rock-hard and now it tastes like the best crispy almost like a garlic bread it tastes like spaghetti and meatballs in Sandwich form that’s all I can sex but get D and underneath the boat so that’s very true

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