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4 No-Bake Donut Dessert Recipes



This is a cannoli donut Cannoli donut? Yup

Holy cannoli, Grant, that's a good idea! Exactly, holy cannoli So here I have a whole container of ricotta I added some powdered sugar to it to sweeten it up a little bit A little bit of cinnamon, some salt, and then we're going to add in a little bit of miniature chocolate chips Baby chocolate chips And you just mix that up, They're so cute and cheerful That's so simple, this is why I love cannolis, 'cause this is so easy to make

Then you pop it into a piping bag, so you just pipe it right on top of there Look how easy that is Sprinkle it with some more chocolate chips, we pop the lid on top, give it a little dust of powdered sugar I am making donut churros in the waffle iron Donut churros! And it's the perfect It's the absolute perfect use up– I don't know about your family, but when you bring home a dozen donuts we always have the plain ones left over because who wants the plain donuts? No one want the plain donuts

You want the ones with sprinkles on them and glazes on them and I'm just gonna pop in four pieces, close it up, 45 seconds later you've got these lovely little churro crisps, if you will, churro donut crisps Press them into some cinnamon sugar with a little bit of salt, and serve them with, that is a hot cocoa dipper with a little bit of cayenne and orange zest in it So, it's a spicy orange chocolate dipping sauce Alright, so I'm going to be making a donut ice cream sandwich What? I know right? So basically I'm going to take– I love just a classic ice cream sundae with vanilla, ice cream, hot fudge and peanuts

So, I'm going to take a chocolate cake donut that's glazed, pop a scoop of that ice cream right on top Grab some hot fudge, you can get store bought or home made or whatever you have (laughs) Yes! Drizzle that over the top, pop your lid on it, (audience applauds) and then you roll the sides of it in some peanuts And then you roll it in nuts! Yep, then you just pop that into the freezer I have some back here that are done

And check these guys out, and you can just leave them in the wax paper and have them in the fridge for whenever you want a snack Oh my god, look at that Doesn't it look yummy? (audience applaudes) So here are donut french toast Also another great use up for the old plain donuts you– my family at least, have So here I've just got three eggs, I'm going to whisk in a splash of milk

And you can make any of your favorite french toast base I like lots of cinnamon in mine and then a little drop of vanilla Whisk that up, just a little pinch of salt in there And then, I just have my stale donuts, the stale donuts cut very, very nicely– And you can buy the stale donuts in the market like super cheap, they practically give them away Totally, we were just saying that

Like, cart in the back where they have all the stale day-old stuff, it's like 50 cents for a dozen donuts So give those a nice little dunk and then you're just going to cook it the way you cook french toast, just in a little bit of butter These guys are probably ready to flip Oh, lovely, good timing And then we've got some done here

So you can make them in advance like you do french toast, just keep them on a nice little sheet tray, pop them in a low oven, and then, in my family we go a little bit of powdered sugar Or a lot of powdered sugar, I don't know how to work these things (audience applauding)

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