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5 Crazy Kitchen Gadgets | Clever or Never | Ann Reardon



Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardon and this is Dave Reardon We've had lots of requests to do another Clever or Never and we've been collecting a few different gadgets that we thought would be interesting Some of which I think you've probably never seen before and didn't know they existed So starting with this one that you've brought back

This one was from Sydney, our friends Mark and Lauren, had one of these awesome apple peelers, which I don't know if it's old technology, new technology but it's awesome technology So it just peels the apple? Pretty much but it's so cool Does it spiralise it as well or it just takes the peel off? I can't remember, it was a long time ago

We have been collecting gadgets for some time, this has been sitting in a box for a while can you even figure out how to use it? I'll give it a go So this is going to be a cheap vs expensive version because when Dave came home with this I said I think we have something that will do that already

So we have this attachment for the KitchenAid which came in a box with spiralizers and everything but this was $169 for the set of these gadgets how much was yours? $22 So cheap vs expensive, let's see if it's worth spending big on this one or if you should go for that one

Okay Alright, let's do it Watch this, this is cool Locked! What did that do? That was invented by NASA Oh I like that

So it's suction cupped to the bench? Yep and then you go then you pull that back Put your apple in

(mumble mumble) And then on mine you just put the apple on the spike and line it up with that Alright I'm good to go Well You've got to spike your apple I assume because I had to spike mine That looks a bit brutal, what if you missed and spiked your hand? You would bleed Oh hang on Wait a minute, the suction cup has failed Nah, it's good

Then what do you do? I guess you wind I never actually used the one in Sydney so this is my first time ever Wow it is peeling it and it is cutting it

it's taking a lot of peel off That's pretty thick, you've got a lot of apple in that peel Yep but check this

I'm just trying to remember Wouldn't you just pull the apple off the other end? Oh yeah maybe Look at this a Slinky Apple! Yep Okay let me turn mine on, ready? So I didn't have to wind the handle but winding the handle didn't seem to be that hard My slices are a little bit thinner They are thinner

Do they hold their shape? No because they're a little bit too thin It looks like a Chinese lantern Alright so what do you think? $169 or $22? Gadget Number 2 a Stella fruit dessert maker so let's have a look, according to the box it makes these beautiful looking all-natural no additives, no cholesterol, just straight fruit Boxes never lie! I'll put a bowl underneath and I'll put some banana you have to freeze the fruit first, so I did that yesterday

Mango, a bit of strawberry Freeze fruit for 24 hours Done that

Put it in It says do not operate the unit for more than 5 minutes Really? Yes, allow the motor to rest for 5 minutes, I don't know what happens after that

That could be indicative of quality A fruit-spotion! Okay I'll turn it on It's a pleasant sound

That's loud! Is it working? Nothing seems to be happening What happens if I need to operate it for more than 5 minutes just to get it to work Let me turn it on again Can you smell burning? Wow! I must say that is a classic cake of 'not as advertised'! This has that nice star-shaped pattern this doesn't have a star-shaped nozzle, there's no way that could give you that That is false advertising

Expectation vs Reality We should taste it it might be good

It might be good, it looks terrible It tastes alright but if you've got a food processor you can just put it in the food processor and then pipe it with a star shaped tip and you've actually get it looking like that I don't think it's worth having that much footprint in your kitchen for something that does that What do you think? I'm with you It's a Never from us

Let us know what you think, Clever or Never? Moving on to Gadget Number 3 I went to Singapore a little while ago with James, our eldest The first thing that I found was this What is it? It is a peeler The picture doesn't look like it's peeling Yeah I'm not sure about that, it might be a Shredder Very simple, I guess you just pop it in there and It's not really a peeler it's like a pencil sharpener A carrot sharpener Is it sharp? That's dangerous Disappointing

You could assault someone with a deadly carrot What is the purpose of this? I guess you put it in your uhhh

dinner In your spaghetti Ow! Oh no did you cut yourself? Almost

I think that's on the instructions isn't it Since the edge is very sharp please do not touch or play with the blade Right, right okay so I guess that leaves you with a little bit of a a little dumpy carrot, which is okay (crunch!) And a mess of chopped up carrots And I reckon that I will use this for spaghetti bolognaise so for me it's actually a Clever Let me know what you think in the comments, I think you can guess what I think

Okay do you have more gadgets in your bag? Yes I do, this is not really a gadget but it's cute I saw it in Daiso, it's just an oven mit A duck oven mit

What is this? A Peeking Duck (DADJOKE) You're quacking me up (DAD JOKE2) If you like a good pun, now would be the time to share it And also this one is really cute So this is actually just a little gadget

It's not really a kitchen gadget but James and I were in this market in Singapore and we came across this funny guy and we just had to buy something That funny guy has ripped us off! Maybe it doesn't work with new phones

Surely This is also the speaker jack on the new phones so it's probably different do you want to go get your phone? *Disappears* There you go we'll see if it works on the other phone Random singing Ann entertaining herself Okay so this is James' phone it doesn't work on the newer phones but on this one we plug it in I thought it wasn't going to work then

Check that out! It's a finger chopper! It's a phone helicopter I'll let it go Nah

What happens if you do put your finger in it? I think we'll call all of them Gadget Number 3 and go on to Gadget Number 4 I have some sushi gadgets Now I know in one of the Clever or Never's before we had a sushi one that made the traditional sushi rolls but this one I found makes different shaped sushi So this one is supposed to make a cube and it's called 'Rice Cube' and this one is supposed to make a ball and it's called Rice Ball Yes it is and you're one that you got from Daiso mine is called Rice Animal but I'm going to call it Rice Bear because that's much cuter You can use rice you can use cous cous you can mix it up so I'm going to start with just rice and see how that goes are you going to start with rice on yours? Alright so it says to open the top and pull this bit back and then fill it up I don't think mine has a top so I'm just going to fill it up and squish it down nice and firm Once that is full you're supposed to close the top and then push this bit across so it's kind of squishing the rice Now we pull this back out, slide this off and then open the top

That's cool! And we have a cube of rice, it actually delivers Oh my gosh a gadget that does what it says it will do How good is Japan? Ohayo Gozaimasu! I don't think this is from Japan

Surely? Well sushi is from Japan I know sushi is, well it's manufactured in China Everything is But who invented it, I think Australia

Australia? I'm not joking, someone from Queensland Australia Queenslander! Good onya Aussies Go Stralya 🇦🇺 Doing well, delivering on what you promised, I like that We ready? Let's hope he works, Jedd will love this guy Hey! That's pretty good

Can I pick him up, will he stay together? Aww a little teddy bear, what's the other thing that was in your packet? Oh it's his little face, see that? Fancy I guess I cut it out of nori If this makes a face I think it's pretty cute but I am very impressed with this one While you do that I'm just going to put some avocado in here I'm not sure I did that right

Do I have to wet the nori? No then it will go all soggy if you wet it And a little bit of salmon, see how our cube handles having extra ingredients Okay so then we'll close the top, slide this off, lift it off and look at that Dave

What do you think? I'm impressed I'm impressed with yours, I like the start of mine, I'm puzzled Do you want to swap? Do you want to have a go with this one and I'll see if I can get that to work Yep I wasn't really watching closely

Have you done the ball? No Oh well, I'll have a crack at the ball What's your favourite Australian saying? Flat out like a lizard drinking? That is not a saying that I've ever heard anyone say other than you Look at that Oh look you made a ball of rice

So cool, now that's my mistake because I've overfilled it It looks a little bit like the rings of Saturn there but that, I think you would have to admit, is a fairly impressive ball of rice, sushi ball

Alright let me put that one there It won't stay You're making that so good

you should start a cooking channel! The only way I'm getting it to work is I'm pushing on the other side so it's like a stencil Banksy would be proud Can you try? Sure, hand it back to the 'master artist'

And now what you can do apparently is take a piece of this stuff and wrap it around the cube Look at that, it's like a little present 🎁 That's awesome I'm just going to have to build a mouth Should I try the cous cous? If your country claims to have invented cous cous, let us know because I feel as though it's from Africa but I don't know about that Really? I thought it was from Italy because it is pasta, I'd just assumed but maybe not

Push it across Cous Cous sounds like an Italian word Alright let's see if it works with cous cous Lift it up, open it up oh my goodness, we have a cube of cous cous Look at that 💥 My cube of cous cous from out of my hand Okay cous cous is not really sticky enough to do it so no cous cous How's your teddy bear looking? It is so cute, what do you think the chances are of me holding it up and it not falling face first? Let's see

Tadahh That is super cute and it is definitely a Clever I think Jeddy would like that one so I'm going to give that one a Clever

These 2, I don't think I would actually make rice balls, I think they're fine, I just don't love them but the cube, I think they look really good, I would use that I think that is definitely a Clever! Go Aussies

And now we should move on to the next Gadget I did a video that showed different gadgets for covering a cake in buttercream and getting that perfect straight corner but after doing that video I had a few comments of people telling me there was another gadget that I'd never heard of So I ordered that It came in this cool packaging, like seriously these guys understand packaging It says 'Frosting will never be the same again'

Loving a little bit of fluffy stuff in there and there it is Fluffy stuff 🙂 All recyclable Of course recyclable, save the trees, save the dolphins Is this an Aussie business, where are they from? I think this is from America Proudly made in the USA

Yes I could tell that one was American, do you know why? Because it cost a fortune to get it sent to Australia, shipping was a lot So this is a very expensive way of making your cake level Hopefully this gadget does what it says You can adjust here how high this piece is so if you have a really tall cake vs a shorter cake, you can adjust it So obviously we don't want it that high so I'll move it down a bit

We'll try that height I don't really want to do it in case it doesn't work Having given such a good shout out Just do it, make a mess! Alright so I'm going to put it like that, I assume Hold it flat against my cake board I can already see I don't have enough frosting at the top And we're going to spin it not looking great so far but we'll work with it until we get it looking good I've got heaps of extra frosting there so I'm going to put that into a bowl and then you can see here I've got big gaps where I need extra frosting You can't add frosting unfortunately if you could add frosting as it went then that would be a bit of a miracle thing That would be like one of those robots

have you seen those robot piping videos where they pipe the exact amount onto a cake, it's done in 2 seconds Yep, they're awesome It's nice and straight, I can see that

It's straight I'm just not loving it I think because normally when you use a scraper you don't hold it straight, you hold it on a bit of an angle so all of this that's building up can fill in the gaps So it's a bit tricky, I'll try holding it on more of an angle but that's not going to work with the top of it, it's sort of ruining the top Our top is not perfect by any means but our sides are looking good I'll use the old spatula and try smoothing out the top a little bit

What do you think of that Dave? I'm impressed It's pretty good Now who would like to see if Dave can make a nicely covered cake Oh come on! No one! If you hold it on an angle this way Oh I see Then see how that build up of icing, tends to smooth itself onto the cake which is what everyone using a scraper does See how that's now looking good? Is it? Sweet check out this! But see how that's now ruining the top so that's where I think that's a little bit of a gadget tweak that needs to happen there Well if this gadget can make my frosting look smooth then I've got to give it a thumbs up because that is seriously my first time ever frosting a cake And if anyone's ever tried to get a nice straight side with buttercream then you'll know it's actually quite tricky to do, so that's actually a really good job So which one was your favourite gadget out of all the ones that we did today? I really like the sushi teddy bear, I thought that was really cute for Jedd

It was cute I think I preferred the rice cube that was call The pro froster was good, just needed a little bit of a design tweak to make it a little bit better Some of them were terrible though so let us know in the comments, just put a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 like that and put a thumbs up for Clever and a thumbs down for Never I might even put a poll in the top corner so you can vote for which one was your favourite gadget today

Click here for the other Clever or Never videos, here for my cake decorating videos and here Chocolate Make it a great week and I'll see you all on Friday Bye What did you think of the pro froster? Not bad It was pretty good hey

You frosted like a pro Uh huh

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