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6 Awesome BBQ Hacks!


[UltraVid id=67 ]wakey-wakey rise and shine what we’ll be putting in our mouths today shut up Ben good morning good morning the sun’s out so quick let’s have a barbecue before it starts to rain to make the ultimate juicy burger throw into your mince softened onions spices herbs and whatsis mayonnaise mayonnaise is just eggs and oil so there’s nothing crazy going on here just a super awesome hack to make your burgers moist and perfect top tip flatten your burger mix and make an indent in the center the ultimate patty do you ever eat meat and think yeah it’s great but it just doesn’t taste enough like an air freshener well with this hack you can have the smelliest meat at the barbecue simply throw on some herbs onto the coal or grill and close the lid I was joking about the air freshener bit it actually gives a really smoky heavy aromatic mouth explosion take a hard long stick and gently ease your way through the meat run the knife down the sausage whilst twisting it this will increase the length and the width of the sausage allowing maximum sausage edge of your sausage do your guests ever complain that your barbecue food is colder than a Penguin’s well not anymore keep all your food hot while you cook with this DIY hot box use paper clips metal ties or whatever else you have handy to clip together to foil trays or if you’re not fussed about the flap just chuck one lid on top of the other once you’ve finished slaving over the drill that you won’t let anyone else help out with because you’re a control freak and your therapist says you need to let go of the small things but barbecue isn’t a small thing it’s important and I’m not spending the next week on the toilet we compiled it back to just because Terry’s girlfriend Sandra fancy to go on the drum sticks this tip will not only help make your barbecue smell fantastic and remove all the grease off the goose but will also act as a disinfectant alternatively use a ball to scrunch up tin foil to rub away those nasty bird chunks to see how much gas is left in your gas bottle just pour over some hot or boiling water let the water trickle away and carefully place your hand up in down the bottle the cold bit is where the butane or propane is and therefore shows how much is left so there’s half a dozen hacks to turn you into a barbecue King I’m sure there are more in which place you need to tell us what they are by commenting down below if enough got all that meat and veggies barbecue may be thirsty oh well you’re in luck because if you go to sorted food combine their new can find an amazing article with five awesome summer drinks yet mocktails cocktails from jug punches everything to wet your whistles while you’re grilling you may also have loved all missed out on this week’s and other recipes yes we went all the way to Brazil Pao de queijo cheesy balls cheesy bread and they are absolutely unreal maybe tapioca definitely sort of small golf ball-sized things that are very very much oh they’re all like gooey and soft in the middle they were delicious so so good and then we went round two of ultimate battles with sweet pastry yep Jamie berry and myself battle to the death or not the actual death but we battled around yes pastry and it was difficult your confidence levels were and they were lower than usual yeah absolutely but did we or did we not create three dishes that were edible more than edible they were stunning even very very silly and common Twix mm-hmm we have a cultural one yes so this is from our big night in video from a while ago Swedish chocolate brown it was caca so this is from and I apologize if I pronounce this wrong mint redrawn link redrawn yeah nice I mean who we don’t think and the comment is stop at 2:24 and you’ll see that Mike’s face just really looks like Mona Lisa’s I mean look at it do comment cultural that’s cultural is it art is it well then I think that fridge cam had everything it had some singed fragrant herbs and it had culture not in the form that you find in yogurts Hey well it really did have everything have a lovely rest of your Sunday and rest of your week see you next week Sunday 10:00 a.m. good bye

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