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6 High Protein Indian Breakfast Recipes Besan ka Cheela Ingredients for Besan ka Cheela In a bowl, gram flour, chopped onion, coriander, green chilli, Baking Soda, turmeric, salt, cumin powder Mix well Add water to make batter Use fork or egg beater to mix so that no lumps remain Adjust water quantity to make medium consistency batter Batter is ready heat tawa, pour ladle full batter and cook Leave some oil at sides Flip when top side changes color Cook both sides till brown spot appear Repeat the process for rest of the batter Besan ka Cheela is ready Have hot with chutney Moong Dal Cheela Recipe Ingredients for Moong Dal Cheela Wash and soak moong dal in water for 2 hours Grind to make paste Moong Dal Paste is ready Now chop vegetables to make filling heat oil in a pan Add cumin seeds Chopped onion ginger Cook till onion is slightly golden Now add spices turmeric, coriander and red chilli powder Mix well add green chilli and mushroom mix well and cook till mushroom is cooked completely add salt to taste Now add paneer mix well Now add mango powder Mix well, stuffing is ready now Now make moong dal cheela batter Add ginger, baking soda and salt Add red chilli powder Mix well, the batter should be like dosa batter Now heat a tawa, sprinkle some oil Now pour ladle full of batter on it and spread Cook till the top starts changing color sprinkle few drops of oil check if bottom is golden in color turn side and cook for few seconds now place stuffing on it fold in moong dal cheela is ready

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