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6 MUST TRY Healthy Sweet Food Swaps for Summer



(upbeat music) – hey health nuts, welcome back to my channel My name is Nikole Goncalves

I never say my last name, so I feel like people don't know how to pronounce it The C is pronounced like an S Anyways, very excited about today's video because we are talking about healthy sweet swaps And this video was inspired by one of my favorite candy companies right now, sweet, SmartSweets Wow, I was so excited there, I couldn't even remember

'Kay, these guys are so good and I'm so excited to be working with them on today's video They're sponsoring it and I'm obsessed They make, basically like, better alternatives, low sugar alternatives to regular traditional gummies that you see in the market They got like Sour Blast Buddies, they got gummy bears and their new summer edition, Peach Rings, so good They're 100% plant-based, they're free from sugar alcohols, gluten-free, non-GMO

Three grams of sugar per package, so you can eat a whole pack and not feel bad about it And also just not have this awful sugar rush from it, and I'm obsessed I love that a product like this exists on the market and I just can't get enough of them, and I'm just so excited to be working with them on this video and having an endless supply in my kitchen It's very dangerous, actually, when they send me free candy, 'cause I just can't help myself Anyways, I asked you guys on Instagram and on YouTube, the community tab, what are like your go-to desserts that you would love healthy substitutes for? And you guys gave me a list, I'm put it here on the screen

Oh my goodness, you guys love sweets just as much as I do And I looked at the most popular suggestions, and I'm giving you guys healthy alternatives for them in today's video I'm real excited, these recipes are so good Some of them I featured before, some of them I haven't and I'm just putting them all together in one delicious sweet video for you guys Actually, one more thing, if you guys have not yet pre-ordered the HealthNut Cookbook

We're so excited, it's coming out September 3rd It's available for pre-order right now And what's really cool is that every single month leading up to the official launch we are doing some really fun giveaways So grab a copy of the the HealthNut Cookbook and today's month or this month you will be entered into an amazing contest with Saje Wellness We are giving away an awesome prize pack, I'll put it here on the screen

We got a defuser, some oils, their pharmacy pack, which are all things I love and use every single day So go check out that post link down below If you guys have already ordered the book, thank you so so much It's like, honestly, the most beautiful cookbook ever, and I'm biased But it's so amazing, so I'll have the links down below

Go check it out and yeah, maybe you can win some awesome Saje Wellness products, and you will have a cookbook coming at you this fall So let's hop right into the video and I will share with you guys some delicious sweet recipes you guys are gonna love Sweet swap number one is for pop So I used to drink pop when I was younger, but nowadays I drink something way more refreshing with way less sugar So in a tall glass, I'm just filling it up with some ice cubes

I don't know about you but I like my drinks nice and chilled Next we're adding in real fruit juice, not that cocktail stuff or that sugary stuff, this is actual straight-up cherry juice You can really add any juice that you like, but just a little bit And then to make it a little bit sweeter, if you're using something more tart, like cherry, I have a couple of drops of liquid stevia And then just to finish it all up, we're topping it with some sparkling water, and just mix it up

And you have yourself a delicious pop alternative That is bubbly, it's sweet, it hits that spot at the back of your throat You know when you have that thirst you just can't quench? This will do it, it's delicious Sweet swap number two is for gummies or candy This was also requested by you guys, and of course SmartSweets is my number one pick

I love them I pretty much could eat a pack every day, although I don't I try to limit myself to one a week, you know, movie night, game night And these make snacking on gummies way more fun and with way less guilt, and I don't have that sugar rush at the end Our next swap is ice cream

It is a time of year where we just want a nice chilly dessert like ice cream So I have equal parts of frozen banana and mango here (upbeat music) and I'm just gonna add in a squeeze of some citrus I'm using some lime, you could do lemon, orange, whatever you have on hand, with a splash or two of some unsweetened oat or nut milk And you're just gonna blend this until you get a nice, smooth, creamy ice cream consistency And it seems so simple, but honestly it tastes so good

Every time I make this I am so amazed by how good it tastes and how it really does taste like sorbet or ice cream and you can even add chocolate chips or toppings on it, sprinkles if you wanted And enjoy a nice afternoon chilly treat, 'cause this will definitely cool you down So I think the most popular dessert mentioned on Instagram was cheesecake I also love cheesecake, it's probably one of my favorite desserts So I'm gonna show you guys an easy, healthier alternative

So this is gonna make the base to our cheesecake bites I have some rolled oats and walnuts, which are such great brain food Some cinnamon, which is good for sugar balancing and a pinch of sea salt Process this together until you get a nice fine crumble Now I'm gonna have the full recipe link down below

This is basically my strawberry cheesecake tarts, but we're gonna make them into mini muffin, more bite-sized versions Next we're gonna add in some chopped up dates I like to use Medjool dates, they're nice and juicy, and you just want to make sure you take the pits out Then we're also adding in some vanilla Pop that lid on again, to process, to mix everything together

At the same time you're gonna drizzle in some melted coconut oil and it's just gonna help bring everything together And you know it's done when you can pinch it between your fingers and it kind of just sticks together 'Cause want that, so we can create that nice crust base to our creamy cheesecake filling Now on to the filling, in a high-speed blender you're gonna add in some full fat coconut milk from the can For sweetness we're adding, one of my favorites, maple syrup

You can use another one like agave or honey if you'd like Then to give us that tart cheesecake taste, we're gonna add in lots of lemon juice And this was a bit of a struggle This lemon had very thick skin, so use your muscle, get that juice into the blender Next we have some soaked raw cashews, I just soaked these in water overnight

Honestly this is like, the go to dairy-free cheesecake base, but we're gonna make it a little bit more fancy with some frozen strawberries Next up we have some coconut oil Vanilla extract and some sea salt Blend that on high until super creamy smooth I do my for about a minute, and this is what it should look like when it's done

Super creamy, silky, luxurious and it really does look and taste like cheesecake when it sets So I have gone ahead and prepared a muffin tray here So I just oiled it with coconut oil, as well as cut out some strips of parchment paper This will help you lift up the little muffin cheesecake bites when they're done setting I'm gonna scoop in our oat, nut and date crumble evenly into the cups, and then I'm just gonna use some cleaned fingers and press it down to form the crust of our cheesecake bites

Instead you could totally just make one large cheesecake, you don't have to do individual ones, but these are really great just to prep ahead, freeze and then just have a little sweet treat when you want one, late at night and you don't wanna necessarily make a whole cheesecake Next I'm taking that filling and I'm just gonna fill up each muffin cup with that delicious strawberry cheesecake filling, it's so good! You're then gonna pop these into the freezer for about four to six hours or overnight just to set them Once they are set let them just chill at room temperature for a little bit, that way you can easily pop them out and this is what they look like when they're done And I like to let mine sit out for an additional 30 minutes to just get nice and soft, So I can just cut into it with a fork Or you can eat them chilled, kind of like an ice cream texture

You do you, but either way they're delicious and you guys are gonna love them So our next sweet swap is kind of a classic, we were talking cookies And I happen to love a good old fashioned cookie, but what's even better and easier to make are these peanut butter chocolate chip oat bites In a large bowl you're gonna add in some creamy peanut butter, you wanna get the natural stuff with no added sugar And I like to get the one that already has some sea salt to it

For sweetness we're using maple syrup Adding in some vanilla And then just mix that together until it's nice and smooth For the base we're gonna add in some rolled oats Ground flaxseed, so we're adding in some extra fiber and nutrition

And some cinnamon for sugar balancing, and I just love the taste of cinnamon, it's delicious Some sea salt, if your peanut butter is not already salted And then I have some dairy free, good quality, chocolate chips Mix that all together with your spatula until everything is well coated, there are no dry oats left and you're ready to roll Using a small cookie scoop I'm just gonna measure out about two heaping tablespoons worth of the mixture, and just form it into a ball using my hands

Once you have them already on the tray, don't worry there is no baking involved, all you have to do is set these for just like a 10, 20 minutes in the fridge or freezer, just to set the fats in them and you're ready to bite into them So they're so easy to make These don't last long, so I highly recommend doubling or tripling this batch Last but not least we are making a healthy sweet swap for chewy chocolate bars I love a good chocolate bar, yeah, I don't really buy them anymore, so this is a fun alternative that you can make at home and I think these were Matt's favorite out of the bunch

So we're gonna take a juicy Medjool date, we're gonna slice it in half, remove the pit and fill it up with some salted natural peanut butter As an added crunch, just to get in those layers that you normally get in a chocolate bar, I just kind of roughly chopped up some almonds Pop these into the fridge just to set and harden, so it makes it easier to dip them into the chocolate When you're ready, I just used a toothpick and I just put it right through the middle, just to make it a little bit easier and less messy when dipping So taking my melted, tempered chocolate, which I will link the tutorial I used down below

It's really easy and tempered chocolate, if you didn't know, gives you that nice snap to your chocolate when you bite into it Which you will find in traditional chocolate bars So I really wanted to get that similar taste and texture I'm dipping it in the chocolate, laying it back on to my cookie tray and then sprinkling on some sea salt Now I've been making stuffed dates forever

but doing the chocolate and sea salt was a fun idea I got from a fellow HealthNut viewer, Paige, who I actually surprised on her birthday, we did a birthday brunch, a vlog coming soon And you guys should follow her for healthy inspo and recipes and running tips and she's amazing So go follow her And she made us a batch of something similar to this and we loved them Matt just, I think, ate them within a couple of days

So go give her some love and try out these delicious stuffed chocolate-covered dates, you'll love them There you have it those are my sweet swap alternatives to help you guys curve that sweet tooth this summer Honestly, they're all so good Matt and I have just been eating them non-stop, which luckily they're healthier sweet alternatives because I would have quite the sugar headache if they were just like me with real white sugar I just can't, I can't do it guys, it just gives me, I don't know, it just, yeah, I don't need the extra sugar energy

Anyway, so good, give these smart sweets a try I'm gonna have a coupon link, linked down below, in the info box for free shipping on any orders that are $30 or over I will have one for the US and for Canada, and you guys need to try these Peach Rings

They're so, so good And, yeah, I'm just obsessed, and you guys need to try them if you haven't already If you like sugar like me, but you don't like actual sugar, then you should definitely check them out And, yeah, I'm so excited, let me know down the comments which recipe was your favorite or which sweet swap was your favorite out of the bunch, I would love to know And as always don't forget to subscribe

Click that red subscribe button down below I post here every single week I got recipes, healthy wellness tips and videos and weekly Friday vlogs So lots more fun and delicious content coming your way Thank you so much for watching, I will see you guys in my next video, and go make yourself something sweet because you deserve it

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