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6 Oats Recipes for Snack and Breakfast | 6 Oats Recipes Easy Oats Recipes to make



Oats Burfi / Energy Bar Oats Methi Thepla Oats Carrot Raita Oats Carrot Paratha Oats Dates Ladoo Oats Honey Pancake Oats Burfi / Energy Bar Recipe Ingredients for Oats Energy Bar Dry Roast Oats for 3 – 4 minutes Do not brown oats Keep aside till it comes to room temperature Make paste of dates (take seeds out) Add honey and melon seeds Make powder of 1 + 1/2 cup oats Keep 1/2 cup roasted oats aside Mix powdered and roasted oats in dates honey mix Mix all the ingredients Add jaggery powder Mix well Add butter (butter at room temperature) Mix well and knead a dough Now knead it well and give it a rectangular shape Roll once with rolling pin to make surface smooth Cut into pieces Refrigerate for an hour Oats Burfi / Energy Bars Methi Oats Thepla Recipe Ingredients for Methi Oats Thepla Washed Methi / Fenugreek leaves Add oats powder (or mix Oats flour) Add salt as per taste (1/4 tsp) Add asafoetida, turmeric, red chilli powder, crushed ginger add yogurt mix well to make a smooth dough Add 1 tbsp water if required Knead oats dough Dough enough for 3 – 4 theplas, divide into 3 -4 portions Dust the rolling board with dry oats powder or wheat flour roll each portions into round or desired shape cook oats methi thepla on hot skillet Flip side when it starts changing color at top Apply Oil / ghee to cook Cook both sides till brown spots appear Oats Methi Thepla Oats Carrot Raita Recipe Ingredients for Oats Carrot Raita Ingredients for oats Carrot Paratha Make Oats Powder Mix Oats Powder, Wheat Flour, Cumin and flex seed powder, gram flour, yogurt, salt Cumin, Turmeric, Red Chilli and asafoetida powders Mix well Add grated carrot Mix well, make a soft dough Add oil Knead the dough Divide dough into small portions roll each portion into desired shape Meanwhile heat a tawa / skillet Cook both sides Apply oil / ghee Cook till brown spots appear on both sides Repeat for rest of the dough Oats Carrot masala paratha is ready Next Recipe : Oats Honey pancake Oats Honey Pancake Ingredients for oats honey pancake Take oats in a bowl Add milk in oats, keep aside for 5 – 7 minutes In a bowl, mix wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, mix well in a different bowl, break egg and beat it, Now beat oats and milk mixture Add beaten egg in oats milk mixture, mix well Add the dry ingredients mix (wheat flour, baking powder, salt, sugar) Mix well Add ghee Mix well Oats Pancake Batter is ready Heat a tawa/ flat pan to cook oats pancakes Sprinkle some oil Now pour ladle Oats Pancake batter Cook till bubbles appear on top Flip side and cook for a min on medium flames Garnish with honey on top Oats Honey Pancake Recipe Oats Dates Laddoo Ingredients for oates Dates Laddoo Dry roast oats for 3 – 4 mins, do not brown oats When roasted oats are at room temp, make a powder Dry roast whole wheat flour, cook till slightly brown, Keep aside when done till it is at room temp Make date paste Add dates in a grinder, add water to make a fine paste Add jaggery in date paste, mix well Now cook dates and jaggery mix in a pan on low flames Add water if too thick, bring the paste to boil Keep aside till it comes at room temp Now mix all the ingredients (oats, wheat flour ) Add cinnamon powder Mix well Add honey (optional), add to balance sweetness if required Add dates jaggery mix, combine well It becomes the Oats laddoo dough Now divide the Oats laddoo dough into small laddoo Oats Dates Laddoos are ready Oats Dates Laddos Recipe Thanks for Watching 6 oats Snacks and Breakfast Recipes, Stay Coonected !

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