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600-year-old Medieval Donut Recipe | Ann Reardon How To Cook That


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Have a look at this “600-year-old Medieval Donut Recipe | Ann Reardon How To Cook That” video below:

I presenteth to thee a 600-year-old medieval scroll from which I shall venture to baketh three sweet treats.
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  1. Thank you for this vid! I am rofl! The way the 600 year old recipe is written is not so uncommon! (not just the olde English) I believe it is written with the assumption that if you are reading a recipe, you have a basic knowledge of cooking & terms. Case in point: My mom asked my great-grandmother (born abt 1875) for her recipe for pear preserves. There is a line in it that reads "place sliced pears in a covered crock and add enough sugar – but not too much – and let sit until there is enough juice." When Mom asked her "how much is 'enough' grandma?" (ie sugar & liquid) great-grandma got a look of incredulity and said "..well, that depends on your pears, Patsy! are they sweet? dry? Goodness child, have you forgotten how to make jam??" I was in 5th grade during this talk. And yes, Mom framed the recipe and it hangs in her kitchen. Thank you for the sweet memory!

  2. I am on a strict diet which has been a byproduct of COVID and eating way too much good cooking, this has made me want to go out and try these recipes.. now all I need is someone to eat the outcome

  3. To bake something in a coffin means to bake it enclosed in dough that is only meant to hold the content but not to be eaten. It's like a baking dish with a lid that has an air vent.
    By the way, being German and English being only my second language seems to make it easier to see the written words and get what they ought to be pronounced like. Often it works, not always though.

  4. I like the part where it says “and look that you have boiled almonds in water” and moves on to the next ingredient they don’t even want you to do anything just acknowledge what you’ve done

  5. Was anyone else not ready for how big the boys are now O.O time is already alien as a concept but now I can't be sure I didn't just miss a few years, damn they grow so fast!

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