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7 year old Chinese girl is cooking dumpling



Today, I am sharing with you on how to cook dumplings, the ingredients we need are a big bowl of water, cooking oil, salt and dumplings Now, we are ready to get started, first, we need to boil our water, add in small amount of oil and pinch salt; second, Put in the dumplings (watch out for the hot boiled water-works better with parents' help, put the lid on,cook for two minutes; third, turn down the stove to medium heat, stir the dumpling constantly to prevent sticking; forth, continue stir for another one minute, then add in another little bowl of cold water, which will add a better texture to the dumpling skin, last wait for the water to boil again, the dumpling will all float on top of the water

Turn the stove off, take the dumplings out the pan and put in the serving plate It is ready to serve This plate of dumplings is prepared specially for my loving mother, thank you Mom!

Source: Youtube

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New Cookery Recipes
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