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A day in Riyadh, Saudi | what I eat in a day | vegan



Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia September 2018 All I want now is to see the sunrise and the beach I do not know why, but that's all I wanted and I open the window I can not wait to eat dates I also got a lot of paperwork

This is excellent I usually finished the farmers' market at six o'clock, but today I was talking to some farmers and taking more time I just finished the stressful exercise of yoga With lots of back bends I feel hungry Sajhz Arabic coffee and eating some watermelon and prepare my favorite fun these days This is a very bad idea, but it may stain my shirt Haha, I'm very hungry, sorry These patches of henna I forgot that I put henna on my hair a few days ago and I wore a white shirt This is a very bad idea but it's okay I will have a shirt with orange patches What is the problem? do not laugh!! This is very annoying I did not register

I prepared my pastry and I was not filming I thought I was painting but I was not This is my fun 400 grams of pumpkin cooked and frozen in advance 150 grams of flat and frozen bananas Such a level Three to five grains pass (preferably wet) cinnamon Ginger powder Coffee Barley I added two tablespoons of cocoa powder You can not see that I apologize Lulu, How old are you? 4? Do you sleep with us? Where do you sleep? Do not you want some of the Goji berries? Tell them you are the daughter of my aunt You are not my daughter's daughter! Only Raghad, Lian, Nawaf, Rima and Tamim They are my sisters! Of course you are the daughter of my aunt I'm your aunt? No It seems that I have given you her father "My hair changed color!" even me! Henna this is awesome If I allow my air conditioning! the weather is nice I was very excited to be offline today I was a fan of arranging my room and kitchen and finished reading the book I was reading now and drawing and doing some household chores Simple work I'm good at it! I was intent on having a video clip on my hair Go to the club "For the oiled hair" Haha no dry hairline! "this is not true!" It's wet now It takes a lot of time to dry It is always oily! No it is not oiled but shine but people can not differentiate Well, before I was waxed because of laurel soap and did not fit my hair but I was insistent and thought that my hair needed some time to adapt to the soap I did not want to get a bar shampoo I wanted to ask the same soap for my body and my hair and my face

Gosh! But you did not go down with us My brother was born on 9/9/2009 I was born on 1/23/2005 This is not special On the whole, my brother's birthday was not planned by my mother Do you know who was not planned? Faisal But now is the favorite child! And he does not try to get their satisfaction I try to be good I think he is preferred because they do not see him because he does not live here I just finished the exercise Now I'm going to teach yoga I have not entered the market since long time But I need to fix a need I'm very hungry now But then I would have had a quick lunch Sackle in the last When he told myself that I was in the end, he made me more patient As a reminder Here I have a cup of peeled and washed cashews My family is swimming, this is the external sound A glass of water Smoked and sweet paprika and dried onions Black pepper to taste A little salt its enough Hot pepper as desired A lot of green salmon And a little vinegar I love to love dill One with coriander and one with dill If you do not want to prepare the sauce you can replace it with chickpeas Sweet potato with hummus is very delicious And with tahini and green lemons I am hungry but I want to meet you before the sun sets Today I am disconnected from the Internet I wanted to do it for a very long time But I always find it an excuse to have an Internet connection that has something to do with my work or jealousy

And always find excuses if you want Today the Internet has been used for a very simple, often for music I feel happy! I want to close the internet and my phone once a week Today I was very busy so I could not finish many of the tasks I wanted to implement And I was on my way home, I was very hungry and I had a wonderful idea and it is hazelnut butter with tahini !!! After what I have done, God willing, I will do it Life is very good now! Praise be to Allah You have to stay away from the Internet and live! Potatoes and carrots are pre-cooked I was cooking a few days ago and I decided to add a lot of vegetables in the oven because I knew that the next few days would be busy Sweet potatoes, carrots, eggplant and ghee were cooked in the oven once Cashew sauce would be a lot more if I added his food yeast I am very tired What is that! I was reading and I could not open my eyes and I grew up I told myself I have a lot to do It grew for about an hour But I forced myself to wake up to pray And I want to prepare my meals for tomorrow and to prepare hazelnut butter with tahini I have to make some calls Go to finish my work, then I will sleep I did not sleep well last days

I was sleeping late, meaning 11 or 12 late for me since I was at the 5th hour Plus you are very energetic and diligent I think my body was in need of sleep and rest It's almost 7 o'clock now Good night Thanks for following I do not know how this will be because it is random He apologized if not good Well, to throw

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