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A walk through Wellington Botanical Gardens | VEGAN ROSEMARY MUFFINS RECIPE



Hello my friends so I was talking to a friend yesterday about food obviously because that is my favourite topic of discussion and She has inspired me to make rosemary and olive Savory muffins, so that's what we're going to do We're going to make those together and presumably it's going to be delicious But if it's not I will let you know But I'm looking outside and there doesn't appear to be a single cloud in the sky And it looks like a really wonderful day

So I'm thinking perhaps I should go to the park and Then come back and we can smash So muffins that sounds like a good plan to me The only issue is that I don't Fancy walking to the park because I'm really lazy So I'm hoping this works Jesus Christ it worked right? Right, let's go and explore the Botanical Garden, shall we? So I figured I would pop outside with you But it's really windy So if you can hear that, I'm so sorry, but it's so much better than just being in my bedroom so Yeah cornbread It's the best Off-camera, I've already eaten like four of these Also, I might I would like to add but I've got batter like all over my trousers and all over my jumper So, please excuse the state of me but Just go place up in the table Um, I I Honestly struggle to tell you how I would improve it

I think what's really good and the thing that I quite like about it Is that you've got the saltiness from the olives but the sweetness from the maple syrup, which is just awesome So I will pop the web the website I will pop the recipe up on my website and I'll pop that in the description below So should you find she making it that I fully encourage it because it's delicious I tell you what would be really good with it like My avocado or even like baked beans and rice and stuff just to have something on the side Yeah, but just look how fluffy it is Honestly, I don't know why it's taken me 31 years to think you know, what might make my own cornbread Not only that I don't even think I've had cornbread before other than in a restaurant So easy essentially you put all the ingredients in a big old bowl mix it and then pop it in the oven for What is it 20 minutes on 200? Well, it's between 20 minutes and 25 minutes But essentially you just want to make sure that the bottom doesn't burn look how perfect that is Honestly, yeah Life hasn't really changed You know since last time I spoke to you with the exception that I now have cornbread in my life which I didn't have before I Want you to honestly you should definitely make it And it's the rosemary as well, and I need to like eventually stop talking about it, but it's delicious I hope I'm getting that across um Yeah, nothing's really changed

I think everyone back home It's okay People that I've spoken to this year like in good spirits my mum's getting better Nothing's changed here still working we've got four days off and This weekend Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday because of Easter weekend which is delightful, I probably will still work though, because Ultimately, I've got nothing else to do And it'll put me in quite a good position next week But um No, really I've got nothing else to report So I'm gonna love you and leave you but should you feel so inclined to at least consider subscribing? Then you should definitely do that But for the time being I'm gonna go and I will speak to you all later Well, I will come back in the next couple of days with a new recipe and if there is anything in particular that you fancy me making or Perhaps like a non vegan dish that you would like me to recognize Leave a comment below and I will see it right speak to you later Peace

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