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Achari Chanp Recipe: Delicious and Tender, Chanp Cooking, Mutton Chops



I start by the name of ALLAH the most beneficent and the most merciful Peace and blessing be onto you

Majid Bilal, recipe trier has brought you another recipe but before that I want to thank my subscribers and I reached 1000 subscribers, I am very thankful to ALLAH and along with it's your love, stay with us and keep watching our recipes and don't miss any video Friends today I'm bringing you chop recipe / chanp recipe When I had to choose between chanp recipes, I thought this one or that one Then I thought I should make you achari/pickle chanp recipe delicious and mouthwatering, let's find out what are the initial ingredients for that green chilles a few, one piece of peeled ginger, one garlic not peeled, one onion peeled but not cut and one teaspoon salt and the main ingredient 2 Kg mutton chops / chanps In the name of ALLAH we put our chops / chanps into the pressure cooker these are lamb chops ma sha ALLAH then we pour water in it almost 1 litre along with that we will include green chilly and this ginger and garlic and the onion and with that we sprinkle the salt on it and then we give it pressure for 12 minutes and after giving it pressure for 12 minutes we will check it again after 12 to 14 minutes 12 minutes have passed now meat must have been cooked 80 t0 85% now let's check ingredients for this session 1 teaspoon crushed red chilly or according to taste 1 teaspoon salt or according to taste 1 teaspoon red food color 6 tablespoon achaar / pickle or according to taste, but I have taken 6 tablespoon Now we will open the pressure cooker and look at this in sha ALLAH (GOD willing) by the name of ALLAH, let's check this a little، see (ma sha ALLAH) this is almost 80 to 85% cooked as required No we will put it in a larger pan in sha ALLAH and we will keep onion and ginger in the pot whereas we will take out the garlic and green chilly will remain in there as well after this we have turn the fire on under this on full flame because we want to dry the water along with this we will add the spices in it, salt crushed red chilly, food color, and achaar / pickle we will add all these in it and then we will cook it with these spices so these spices get mixed with the meat well and the ingredients get absorbed into it we will dry the water meanwhile as well we will cook it enough so it won't break while we are cooking it with spices so when giving it pressure we need to be careful that we don't over cook it In different regions meat takes different time to cook so cook it accordingly since it all depends on the environment and the type of meat We must not cook it 100% while giving it pressure or it will break and it won't come out as desired Now it the water is getting dried, all praise to ALLAH and I'm mixing the spices with the meat by pouring it on the chops So the spices get absorbed as much as it can in these chops and when these spices will get mixed well with our chops / chanps and the water will get dried completely then we will pull the pot off of the fire in sha ALLAH Although we have been careful with it's cooking earlier still it is breaking a little but not a lot I can smell pickle and the meat Alhamdulillah I am reducing the flame so it won't get burnt Alhamdulillah, now the water is dried and if we cook it more it might get burnt so let's pull it off of the fire Now we will blend few eggs and here I have put the oil on the stove now we will take one chop at a time and dip it in the egg and put it in the oil and we will fry it on medium to low flame we only require to cook the eggs that we have on the chops we don't even need to turn these chops we will just put some oil on these chops Check the salt, if the salt and pepper is ok fine and if you feel that it needs more salt or pepper, you can add the salt and pepper in the eggs now it is fried Now I will fry a few without applying egg to them since some people don't like them with eggs like my mom, she doesn't like it with egg that's why I am frying it without eggs mildly By the name of ALLAH, now it's time to eat and this is the most amazing time it takes quite a while to prepare it but when it's time to eat By the name of ALLAH, very delicate should I tell after I've finished it all or should I tell it now? very tasty you must try it as well don't forget to like the video and sharing it tell us how did you like it in the comments subscribe the channel and press on the bell icon, stay with us and keep eating more delicious recipes

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