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In this video we are going to see how to make a family traditional recipe called Adai This Adai will turn out to be cripsy and tasty from the rice and dhals we added to make this recipe 1 1/2 cup Idli rice 1/2 cup Chana Dal 1/2 cup Yellow Split Peas, adding this dal to give crispy and tasty adai Salt to taste Turmeric and Red Chili Powder Soak idli rice, channa dal, and yellow split peas together for about 1 1/2 hours Now grind the soaked ingredients by using a wet grinder or in a blender Grind the ingredients for about 20 minutes to make a coarse batter If you like to use whole red chili instead of red chili powder, it would be easy to grind in a blender than in a wet grinder One medium onion chopped In a pan, add some oil to season with mustrad, urad dal, curry leaves, and chopped onions and then allow to fry for about a couple of minutes Now to the batter, add turmeric, red chili powder (if not using whole red chili while grinding) salt, and asafoetida Mix thoroughly Finally, add the seasoning to the batter to incorporate well Adai can be made immediately after grinding the batter

No need to make the batter for fermentation This is how the color and the consistency of our batter looks like Iron griddle always the best pans to make an adai Always use sesame oil to make this adai, and adai takes extra time to cook when compared to the regular dosa, so wait until you get the nice brown color If you would like to add moringa leaves to this adai, then add at this time as a topping to this adai This adai is filled with protein and fiber from the dhals we added for this recipe Now our crispy adai is ready This adai dosa goes well with coconut chutney, jaggery and ghee dip This can be eaten for breakfast or as a dinner menu

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