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Air Fryer Chicken Wings – How To Cook Chicken Wings Air Fryer



thanks for stopping by no hippie BBQ I'm Lyle what I'm be doing today is we are going to be making some super crispy air fried pesto chicken wings that's a lot to say this is something that I don't really ever rest beyond I kind of thought about this concept in my head and I think I came up with a combination that's gonna make these chicken wings extremely outstanding we're going to be doing these chicken wings in two parts we're going to be seasoning and coating our wings in one part and letting those chicken wings sit in the refrigerator and kind of dry out before we get them in our airfryer and while that's doing that we're gonna go ahead and make our sauce so why don't you guys come on in take a look with our ingredients all right even though I'm just going to be throwing this recipe together I will go ahead and try to leave kind of what my ingredients and amounts are in the description below so what what am I using okay so I got some Taiwanese basil and I had this in the freezer and sometimes when you freeze bathe like this it actually works really well when you're doing like a pesto sauce so we have the basil some minced up garlic rather than using pine nuts or anything like that that can get a little expensive I'm just using some almond slivers some grated Parmesan cheese some lemon juice you know let's get to the chicken we're going to be seasoning it with this seasoning by heaven made heaven made products this is their seasoning called it's incredible and a few people have been cooking with this so I decided to give it a try I'm gonna leave a link to where you can buy this in the description below if you don't have this salt pepper garlic probably work well we're gonna be using some cornstarch this has become one of my favorite ingredients when it comes to air fried chicken I'm gonna be using some Duke's mayonnaise the reason I'm using the mayonnaise is just kind of give it a little bit of a creaminess and something to kind of adhere to the wings we're gonna be using some olive oil and I'm gonna be using some Queiroz syrup just to kind of sweeten it up a little bit honey would be something that would typically use but I need to get rid of this camera so that's really the only reason that I am using that so our first step is going to be just to go ahead and season up these wings don't need to go too heavy on this since we are going to be adding that sauce to it down the row but we do want to get one nice layer of flavor all right that is good to go now like I've been telling you one of my favorite things as far as getting these chicken wings extra crispy is not to go with the flour based coating but this cornstarch is really something I've really liked in my last few chicken wing videos so let's get this in so now that we have those coated I'm gonna bring a wire wrap over we're just gonna throw these wings on they're gonna go in the refrigerator probably for a good hour thirty minutes should be enough but I have an hour to work with so that's how long they're gonna be in so we have our chicken wings chilling out in the refrigerator let's go ahead and make this sauce like I said experiment we're going to go ahead and add all of our basil because we know we're gonna need all that we're gonna need all this garlic as well and I'm gonna go kind of light on these ominous livers to begin with let me go with about a quarter of what I have here throw in some garlic and we're just eyeballing all this let's go with about half of our lemon juice and just go with a nice dollop of mayo when we will be adjusting this down the road I may need more mayo and then let's go with some of this Cairo like I said honey would be kind of what I was would have worked with if I didn't have that Cairo on hand and I'm gonna start off with about half of this Parmesan cheese just get the lid on blend it up see we're working with okay give it a taste now see if there's any other adjustments that need to be made you know maybe just a little salt a little pepper alright guys this should do it I'm gonna just finish blending this up and then I'm gonna let it just sit out no need to throw it in the refrigerator or anything our wings I've got another 30 minutes to go when their fries are in the refrigerator so we'll get those out here look some wings now normally if you see me cooking extra crispy chicken wings what I'll do is I'll throw this basket in the airfryer for about five minutes just to kind of preheat this bottom great to keep the chicken wings from sticking I'm gonna try to do it without it to really see if it's necessary now I just did a chicken wing video with this air fryer I took about 25 minutes for the wings to get cooked the way I like them to be cooked so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to cook them for 20 minutes and we'll check on the doneness keep in mind I am gonna be throwing these back in the airfryer with that sauce I so I don't want to cook them all the way till you know complete or at least where I would have done until I have the sauce on so looks like we're gonna be doing this in two batches I'm going to go ahead and get this in my air fryer set at 375 degrees and we're gonna go for 20 minutes didn't want to check these at about 15 minutes to see what we're looking like and these look like they are far from done so it looks like when I do preheat this air fryer before I throw the wings in that might be the best route to go so if you haven't seen any of my other videos what I do is I go ahead and preheat this basket for about five minutes before I put my wings in so I'm gonna go ahead and set this for another ten minutes and hopefully they will be to our doneness at that point these wings are done after about 25 minutes that's what we're looking like right there let's go ahead and get them sauced up so now I have a little bit of this sauce in this bowl here go ahead this is a little bit of a thicker sauce we're gonna go ahead and throw our wings in coated mother out right quick we're gonna go ahead and throw them back in our air fryer for about five minutes and these wings are really soaking up this sauce let me tell you I was almost wondering if I made enough but we should be good to go but they are drinking it up five minutes should be a done deal so this is a wrap that sauce we put on looks like it developed a little crust on it these aren't the best looking chicken Wings in the world but it really doesn't have anything to do with the look it's all about that flavor I'm going to go ahead and plate these up we'll taste them see we think so this is the moment of truth let's see if this experiment worked out now I did put a little bit of the sauce here to dip it in basically the same sauce that I coated the chicken with that's a pretty good wing it almost has more of a garlic parmesan taste than like a a pesto taste I thought I might have gone a little too heavy on that Cairo syrup but it actually might have been able to use just a tad bit more sweetness actually I think these are worth giving a shot they could really be good with shrimp too if you have an air fryer maybe try this with some shrimp anyway all right take another bite I'd like to thank you guys for stopping my new hippie BBQ check out Smokin' & Grillin' wit AB crispy chicken wings with a airfryer

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