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Ali’s Grilled Chicken Kebab



[music playing] Normally, Lebanese men never cooked for their wife back in the day Women always did the cooking

I have a lot of people that come in and they say, it's like I'm eating back home So I cook like their mother With garlic, you could use as much as you want In a Lebanese diet, we eat a lot of garlic We get a piece of lemon, lemon, and you can squeeze just one wedge and mix them up

We put some salt, put some black pepper, and then we put some allspices When I start cooking chicken, at first I use just a red wine vinegar, like Mom did And then I added the wine It will speed up the marinade Then we're going to put, like, a shot of whiskey

I get the chicken drunk It's an Ali thing Put a drop of vegetable oil or olive oil It gives it the color Delicious

We now marinated this chicken for an hour And now put them on the skewer All my kids, especially my youngest, he asked me once for the recipe, because he want to marinate like his dad He likes to cook Whenever I go home, Dad, what can I get you? What can I get you? He's gifted

Now we're done with this The thing with cooking, it's all, like, how you correct yourself If you don't have a common sense, probably you'll never succeed But I'm not a quitter And I'm patient

I need to get it right But things look good Appetite gets bigger I eat with my eyes Let's go try this

OK, guys go eat some chicken

Source: Youtube

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