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Alternative "Egusi" Soup | How to Cook Egusi Soup with Almonds | Flo Chinyere



Hello, in this video I'll share how I prepared this egusi soup using almonds Almonds are termed the healthiest nuts ever

They are highly nutritious, loaded with antioxidants, helps with blood sugar control and helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels If you only have almond nuts where you live, you will need to grind it with a dry mill first This is quite tedious You can see me grinding, sieving and grinding again to get the almond flour But if you can buy almond flour from the shops, that's more convenient and is much cheaper as well

Here are the rest of the ingredients I'll be using Beef Crayfish Leafy spinach If you are in Nigeria, use ugu

You can also use washed bitter leaves and add uziza leaves too if you wish Ogiri Okpei that's dawa dawa The almond flour Red palm oil This brand is quite good

It tastes like pure palm oil and colours my meals well So I ‘m quite convinced that this one is not adulterated Dry cat fish You can add all other meat and fish we use to cook egusi soup Scotch bonnet pepper

Then seasoning cubes and salt They did not attend this meeting of ingredients For a change, I want to grill the beef Grilled beef takes your Nigerian soups to another level just that I am often too lazy to do that I just season with salt

Then grill or broil at 150 deg celcius that's 300F You want it to grill slowly for best results You don't want the meat to dry out Turn them around from time to time so they will cook evenly This beef is well cooked at this time

So you can actually peel it line by line and enjoy "Peel it in lines like dry meat" Chai o, I want to go back to the village That's where the life is for real I grilled for one hour or till it looks like this Then transfer it to a pot

I grilled the meat from raw so I don't have meat stock or broth for the soup yet So cook it to get some meat stock

Pour water to cover them and start cooking While that is cooking, soak the dry fish and when soft, clean very well with a brush Then break into pieces and debone After about 7 minutes of boiling, you can see that the water has changed colour that means the juice from the meat is now in the water Take out the beef

Add the crayfish And add the almond flour I have 3 cups here Stir and leave it to cake One downside of almond flour is that it does not cake beautifully like egusi

That's why I gave it an 8 or was a 7 in my Nigerian food ingredients alternatives video And it burns easily so please keep an eye, in fact keep 3 eyes on it Add hot water from time to time I don't want to bring out my mortar for this tiny ogiri okpei so this is how I'm going to do it Don't forget to stir this all the time

After ten to fisteen minutes, you will see some oil come up to the surface And top up the water bit by bit You don't want it watery Sieve in the ogiri okpei Add the fish

My fish is still quite strong so I'm adding it at this time If after cleaning and deboning, yours is very soft, add it later Then add palm oil If you are using washed bitter leaves, add it now Cook for about 7 minutes

Don't stop stirring this often Don't say I didn't tell you ooo Add the meats The pepper And the spinach If you are using fresh uziza leaves, add it now as well Cover and cook for at most one minute or till the veggies wilt You'll see the leaves deflate in your very before Stir and add salt if necessary

Don't forget to like this video if you enjoyed it If you are on a low carb diet, eat it with any of the low carb fufu meals For everyone else, eat with any fufu meal of your choice Watch my other Nigerian soups recipes videos for more tips And don't forget to like if you enjoyed this video

Bah bye see you soon!

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