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Amazing Sizzling Grilled Chicken + Khaosuey + Crispy Parathay | Pakistani Food | Karachi Street Food



Asalam-u-Alaikum my name is Zia Tabarak & I wish you all a Happy Eid Mubarak! Today our lives are so fast-paced that we hardly get any time to meet our friends and family But we shouldn't miss those chances on Eid, Holi, Diwali, Easter or Christmas

So a friend of mine, Talha Qazi, has invited me to his restaurant "Etcetera" at Kashmir Road, Karachi And he has invited me down there to try out their foodand see how it's prepared in their kitchen So today we're gonna go to Etcetera and see what's happening there

Chalain! (Lets Go!) So your restaurant looks pretty good& I've also looked at your menu on Facebook And because it's evening now & I haven't had lunch yetI want you to show me the menu for the Paratha's

Tea is our specialty You'll be refreshed after having it Obviously it's evening right now so tea is must So lets go in their kitchen, see how many types of Parathas they have& try them out

How're you? What Paratha is this? Chicken Cheese Paratha They've prepped the Chicken already They've added it on the top andadding Cheese on top Now they're making Nutella Paratha

Salam Uncle! Tea Stall is right here We're gonna have that later as well What's your name? Saeen Baba Our Paratha's have arrived All of our Paratha's and tea have arrived Chicken Tikka Paratha, Nutella Paratha & Cheese Paratha

As you can see this look really great You can see the Chicken inside it First we'll try it without any sauce Very nice! It's crispy from outside& the Cheese and Chicken give it really amazing taste

Now lets try it out with their sauces It's good with Raita and Ketchup as wellbut I think it tastes good just plain as well It tastes so good that I don't think it needs any sauces Now lets try the Nutella Paratha

You can see the Nutella spread inside It's also really crispy as well Lets try this out I have a really mixed opinion about Nutella Paratha It's good for the people who like Chocolates

You might like the combination of Chocolate and Paratha But I think it goes well with savory dishes And this is the Cheese Paratha

It's a plain Paratha with Cheese inside If you don't want something heavylike Nutella or Tikka

and want something different Then this Cheese Paratha is best for you Because it has the pure taste of a Paratha and Cheese as well So from all 3 of these Paratha's, Chicken Tikka Paratha was the best You're in the mood for some BBQ, you can have this It's a complete meal

Great! So after looking at the entire menu we've concluded that Karahi, Malai Boti, Chicken Tikka, these are regular items which we keep having So we've ordered different items here In appetizers we've ordered Lemon Honey Wings And we've ordered their Khaosuey and Mexican Sizzler So let's show you how they do it in their kitchen

Chalain! (Lets Go!) MInhaj here is making wings What items have you added? Salt, White Pepper, Black Pepper Salt, White Pepper, Black Pepper and Eggs And a little bit of flour These are Green Chili Peppers? Yes

They look great and that sauce on topit looks so delicious Wow! These wings are amazing And they're really juicy And this sauce is not too sweet and not to sour

It has a really amazing taste These Wings are really delicious Let me dip it properly in the sauce They're great! And the good thing about them is they are perfectly cookedand are not under-cooked as they're mostly at some places

These wings are amazing Great! Khaosuey is being prepared This curry is for Khaosuey? Yes And an egg on top And here goes the lemon

Peanuts This is for the sizzler? Our Sizzler has arrived And Khaosuey as well They've served some great looking veggies with it And this sauce was made in front of us

It's a bit hot, but really tasty The sauce is amazing And the combination of the sauces, vegetables and chicken is really good Not too spicy, not too mild and it tastes really good! Great! So these are Khaosuey This is basically a Burmese dish

But it's a Memoni dish in Karachibecause the Memon community not only makes it good but they eat it a lot as well It really mixed flavors

Desi and Western both It has noodles and a curry which is made both in Chicken & Mutton And it served with some crispy crackers and stuffwhich really enhances its taste So lets try them out

It tastes good but it already had green chiliesand I added more Red Chilies & Chat Masala which made it more spicy If you don't like it spicy then you shouldn't be adding these spices But overall its curry and other items taste really good Very nice! If you've made your Khaosuey really spicy then this Mint Margarita is for you

Because it's gonna help you with those spices a lot And we're gonna end our dinner with this amazing Chocolate Tart Wow! The Chocolate is really amazing It has a really smooth texture Very nice! So this concludes our today's episode I wish you all a Happy Eid Mubarak

And if you liked the video then be sure to Like, Comment and Share it And be sure to Subscribe as well I'll see you guys in the next video Allah Hafiz

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