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Anday Aloo ki bhujia Recipe |Aloo Anday ka Salan | Anda Aloo |Easy Cooking Show|انڈے آلو کی بھجیا



Asalaamu Alaikum, Viewers Welcome to Easy Cooking Show Hope you are doing great Today, we are making Eggs Potato (Anday Aloo ki Bhujia) Recipe which becomes ready very quickly Ingredients required 2 make ande aloo bhujia are We will take half a kilo of potatoes which we have cut into squares because square shaped potato looks good in this recipe and we put potatoes in water because it soon start to turn black without water we take half a Kilo of Potatoes, cut into Squares 1 medium size Onion that we cut 1 medium size Tomato that we cut In spices we take Salt = 1/2 tsp Red Chilli Powder = 1 tbsp Turmeric Powder & Coriander Seeds Powder = 1/4 tsp each You can take Salt / Chilli Powder according to your taste Eggs = qty 3 and Green Coriander Ginger and Garlic Paste = 1/2 tbsp Now we start our recipe Take approx 15 Cup of Cooking Oil and heat it Now we add 1 medium size sliced ​​Onion in it we have to fry the onion and brown it always use a wooden spoon in a non-stick pot onion is golden it's got a little more golden but you will keep it light golden Turn off the stove or slow it down and then add 1 medium size sliced ​​tomato in it we had closed the flame of the stove then added it otherwise slow it down then add So that it's splatter doesn't fly Because as soon as you put it in hot oil, its splatter flies now add spices in it that are Red Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, Salt and Coriander seed powder As I had closed the stove so after adding the spices, will light the stove This is a very simple recipe Fry the spices with tomatoes for only two minutes thats also at medium stove after 2 minutes, add some water Some people don't like raw tomatoes like us so we add some water and soften the tomatoes do this without covering it we added half a cup of water in it to soften the tomatoes Now we add half tbsp ginger garlic paste in it Mix it well now We will fry this for four minutes After 4 minutes of frying we will add half kg of square shaped potatoes in it we had removed the water from the potatoes Now, we will fry it for five minutes on high flame we have to fry it on high flame for 5 minutes You may find the onion very brown, at the beginning but see, it's not look if they were too brown After 5 minutes of frying Potatoes add 3 cups of water in it we added 3 cups of water to cook / soften the potatoes Put the stove on medium heat cover it with the lid and cook it for 15 to 20 minutes so that potatoes will cook in it and if someone says that we are not calculating the amount of water then the potatoes should be completely submerged in it and a little water should come on it so, we have added 3 cups of water & we took this cup

We have to dry the water so we won't take too much water Now we cover it with the lid and cook it for 20 minutes On medium stove we kept it for 20 minutes 20 minutes have passed Now lift the lid and see if the potatoes have soften or not The potatoes are soften Now we will increase the flame and dry the water On a high flame we will dry the water water is now dry we will add some green coriander in it mix it well we will add 2 eggs after beating it we add 2 eggs on a slightly higher flame slowly slowly we add eggs in it & stir it Hopefully, you can easily see it When the rawness of the egg is gone, then you will add the rest and cook it on a slightly higher flame Wait for two minutes and then you will stir it at our home Eggs are eaten with little fondness, otherwise you can add 1 more egg We are also putting the third egg to show you By the way, we eat less often eggs you can add 3 eggs we are also adding the 3rd egg Similarly, we will do it on a high stove we used 3 eggs in the recipe By the way, three eggs are fine in half a kilo of potatoes But we don't eat eggs so fondly That's why initially we put two eggs first But I thought I had to show you guys, so I put a third one our recipe anday aloo ki bhujia (Potato Egg recipe) is ready Now we are dishing out to show you Anday Aloo ki Bhujia is ready Hope you like today's recipe If you like the recipe then LIKE and SHARE the Video And by commenting, you must tell me how much you like this recipe Insha'Allah, soon we will come with any other new recipe


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