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Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Trout



Poll fish on the grill, everybody's nemesis but, quite frankly one of the greatest ways to cook whole fish And we're overfishing our ocean

We're eating too much, of the same kinds of things So I love cooking things like trout with small snapper, that are very sustainable First thing, I want to do is take one of those beautiful rainbows and put it on our cutting board With any whole fish open it up, if there is a blood line, scrape that blood line out All that does is dilute the look of your dish, but it also can make it bitter

We want to take some thyme, some rosemary, some sage, place it in the cavity of that fish and some thin lemon slices Thick lemon slices will take longer to heat up and I actually would like to see these lemon slices get hot enough to break down, and aromatize the fish Really the whole fish can be done many different ways, one of my favorites is to mix seafood with cured meat, especially pork, one of the great ways to do that is to wrap your rainbow trout in some prosciutto This is gonna help hold the fish together, on the grill The charred ham is going to be delightful

It's gonna bind together as that fat melts Nice basting vegetable oil hot grill, clean grill I'm gonna cook on one side and then roll it towards the heat I want to make sure when I place that on there, it's far enough away that then when I roll it, to the edge of the heat of the char, if I role in a third time you will cook for a shorter amount of time Total cooking time here 15 minutes

Now the temperature when the lid on it is about 400 degrees Down on the coal bed, it's probably a little bit hotter So as I inch that fish closer to the coal bed, it's getting hotter and hotter around the fish What I'm essentially doing is roasting it on the grill, and as I move it closer, they're charring it right before it comes off Last couple minutes for our trout

We're gonna garnish with an herb salad, basil, and mint, and dill, and parsley, and cilantro And we're just gonna dress that with a little bit of salt lemon and olive oil Look at how beautiful that is, my goodness I've had these lemons charing This is hot and it's cooked through, put a little charred lemon on it, put a little olive oil on top of that

Perfectly cooked, well rested it easy to fillet, comes right off the bone And that's so crazy fantastic, good simple easy whole fish I mean that's a stunner

Source: Youtube

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