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Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Grilled Red Snapper



Whole grilled red snapper When it comes to grilling whole fish, I don't think that there is one that I like better than this one

It's versatile, its economical, it cooks quickly And I'm just taking some thyme and rosemary leaves and make a little garlic and herb olive oil I'm just gonna pass it through this microplane to diffuse that garlic flavor Let's put our salt and pepper in there I've got a beautiful chili

I've got some lemon, olive oil So to make this a little easier, I'm gonna take these off, I'm gonna take these bottom fins off, they won't burn on the grill, they're not edible I'll make two incisions based on the size of the fish Going towards the head that will promote even cooking, because this piece takes much less time to cook than this one, but it also allows me to shove some of my seasoning mixture into that cavity And I'm cooking this over low to medium direct heat

Five six minutes on each side, I'm gonna get some nice charring Nine times out of ten all the skin is gonna stay on this fish Some fish, sometimes no matter what you do, a piece is gonna stick So the whole fish has the cooked herbs, the cooked chilies, but I think this dish just looks so good, and eats so much better when you can pour some of that oil on top of there Our herb salad to eat with this beautiful snapper a little bit of a drizzle of fresh olive oil

And then to balance that out, squeeze some of that charred lemon juice on there, and these pieces of fillet here that we slashed come right off the bone whole red snapper pretty darn tasty Absolutely perfect!

Source: Youtube

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