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Andrew Zimmern Cooks: Grilled Seafood Paella



Want to learn how to make paella that looks like this? All you need is one pan and an open fire Now a lot of people feel trapped into having to have a paella pan

You can also use a two-handed saute pan like this Hammer Stahl right here, which I happen to love for paella What I want to do is I just want to add a few tablespoons of olive oil Going to add some onion Another thing that's crucial is to have Valenciano or bomba rice, a short grain, starchy rice that works perfectly for this dish and makes a nice creamy texture We're not gonna do anything other than just get our onions to where they're clear and cooked through, before we add one and a half cups

Now I combine the oil and the onion and the rice and start to toast it Saffron Some of our herbs I'm gonna hold back 10% just so I have something to decorate the top with Tomato paste that'll start caramelizing right away

My heat is right because I'm starting to get some toasting Half of my clam juice, half of my chicken stock I'm going to combine these two stocks and this I will use to keep cooking and adding to it We're gonna cook the rice until it's tender Smoked paprika

Chorizo, one-inch chunks Carabinero Beautiful red shrimp from Europe Big cherrystone clams Need a whole handful of mussels

Season that with salt Lets put our clams in Paella is gonna cook for 30 to 35 minutes, so probably wait till we add some more of our liquid before even think about adding our shrimp and mussels, which we'll cook with the radiant heat sticking out of there As my rice is getting cooked, it is going down to the bottom I am starting to think about that wonderful crust on the bottom of my pan, so this might be the last time that I really move it around a lot

Shrimp are doing beautifully All that beautiful clam juice up in there Stick our mussels in there, let those start to cook I'm gonna add liquid to evaporate over the next five minutes The mussels are all starting to pop open

A last little sprinkle of herb That rice is going to absorb the end of that liquid Paella is so delicious to eat, so versatile and so simple, and it's a one-pot meal that the whole family can enjoy

Source: Youtube

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