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Anjeer Khajur Barfi |Diet | Sugar-Free| Diabetic Recipes| Dessert |Sweet | Healthy|अंजीर खजूर बर्फी|



Love to eat sweets ? But thoughts of diet, calories, diabetes come to your mind ? Then sideline all those thoughts, and prepare in your 'Gharche Restaurant ' healthy, sugar-free, Anjeer- Khajur Barfi (Figs-Dates Barfi), which is suitable for all people in the diet to diabetic range So, let's head straight to the recipe

Ingredients Anjeer (Dried Figs)- 250 gms Khajur (Dates) – 250 gms Half a cup- Oats 2 tsp of roasted sesame seeds (til), for ganishing 6 almonds sliced, for garnishing and water and to roast all these ingredients, we need 1 tsp of ghee (clarified butter) let's prepare the barfi

first, soak the anjeer (dried figs) do not use too much of water use only that much amount of water, in which the anjeer gets completely submerged In a similar fashion, soak the dates In this, too, use only that much water, required to submerge the dates completely Now, allow them to soak for 1

5 to 2 hours after 2 hours, the soaked anjeer and khajur (dates and figs) are ready You can do this process overnight, too that is allow them to soak overnight , and prepare the barfi, the next morning but allow them to soak, atleast for 2 hours

Now, grind the anjeer and khajur (figs and the dates) You can see, they have turned completely soft now, tear them into pieces and put in a mixer/grinder jar Use this same water, which you used for soaking to grind it into a paste In a similar way, remove the seeds from the dates and grind it into a paste, too The paste of Anjeer and Khajur is ready Now, let's roast half a cup of oats

Now, the oats have turned slightly brown so, remove it from heat, into a bowl Now, in the same pan, take 1 tsp ghee (clarified butter) add the anjeer (figs) paste to it Add in the khajur (dates) paste, too Mix everything very nicely Keep on stirring until the moisture is evaporated

means whatever little water is there, it should be evaporated and the mixture should become thick and dry After water is completely evaporated and the mixture turns thick (needs approx 7-10 minutes) Now, let's add the oats and give it a nice stir After the mixture turns thick and dry total time needed: 12 minutes Now, remove the mixture from the heat and spread it evenly on a plate

I have already greased the plate with ghee (clarified butter) Now, garnish it with almond slices and roasted sesame seeds Allow this thali (plate) to set in the fridge for 30 minutes Our barfi has set and is ready Let's cut it into pieces/ desired shape Anjeer Khajur barfi is now ready to eat

Barfi can also stay fresh in the fridge for a month in an air tight container Do try this at home and let us know in the comments section If you have like our recipe, please do like it, share it and subscribe to our channel

Source: Youtube

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