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Hello everyone, now we are going to make Appam First lets see what ingredients we need for making the Appam Batter

Take one cup of Idly rice which measures 200 gms Raw rice 1 cup – 200 gms Urad Round 1/4th of the cup which is 50 gms Aval Flattened rice 1/4 cup – 50 gms We add falttened rice to this mix in order to get the Appam very soft and spongy Fenugreek 2 table spoons Now we will put all these in a bowl and wash it twice and after that we are going to soak it Now we put all these ingredients in this bowl and we are going to wash and soak it together Now lets wash it Now we have washed it and poured this much of water as shown to soak it This has to be soaked at least for 3 hours

Now see how it looks after soaking Now add 2 teaspoons of salt and grind it in the wet grinder We will get a soft texture only if we grind it in the wet grinder Instead of flattened rice you can boiled rice too of same quantity for the softness Now we have grinded the batter and as you can see the texture should be as good as Idly batter Now lets close it with a lid and leave it to Ferment at least for minimum of 8 hours Now as you see, after 8 hours, the batter is well fermented This is when you will get a perfect Appam Now lets see how to make the coconut milk Take one medium size coconut and grate it and grind it in the mixer grinder with 2 cups of lukewarm water

Grind coconut twice, 1st time you will get a thick milk and second time it will be bit diluted Mix both of them Take 100 ml of thick coconut milk separately in a cup when you grind the for the 1st time We have taken 100 gms of sugar to make the coconut milk more sweet But you can add as much sugar you need because we already have Jaggery which will be added to the batter which will also be sweet We have taken 200 gms of Jaggery

Now we have to melt this Jaggery to make it like a paste Now lets see how to melt the jaggery Now put the Jagger in a vessel and add little water as shown and melt it Keep the burner flame always in minimum during this process so that jaggery don't get burnt Now I have take a small quantity from the ground batter which might be good enough for 4 people and adding the melted Jaggery in the batter Now as you see the Jaggery got melted to this extent Now lets pour this Jaggery in the batter Pour the jaggery slowly like a filtered manner as shown, so that unwanted impure particles get sedimented at the bottom

Now mix it well until it get to a light brownish colour Now let's add the 1 cup of the thick milk into the batter and stir it well As you see now its wells mixed and it should be in a Dosa batter consistency While grinding the coconut, if you use lukewarm water, you will get more thicker milk Before making the appam, soak a small cloth in the cooking oil and make a layer on the pane so that it gets non sticky Now pour the batter in the appam pane and rotate it as you see now close it with a lid Keep the burner in medium flame

After few seconds it should have got cooked as shown and you should see this much pores which can easily absorb the milk and make it tender soft Now the appam is ready, add coconut milk to the appam and in 2 minutes it should be ready Hot and delicious appam is ready Try it and leave your feedback Subscribe to the channel

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New Cookery Recipes
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