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Apple Basundi Recipe – Cooking with Bosch



Apple Basundi Heat up 2 litres of Full Cream on Medium Heat Add 10 pieces of Cardamom into the Cream Let the Cardamom infuse for about 25 minutes Add 40g of Cashew Nuts into a jar 30g of Almonds 60g of Pistachios Blend the Nuts together Cut 2 Red Apples and 1 Green Apple into cubes Soak the Apples in Salted Water Strain off the Cardamom Seeds from the Infused Milk Add 150g of Condensed Milk to the Infused Milk Stir the Mixture continuously on High Heat Add in 2 Tablespoons of Sugar Allow Mixtures to simmer stirring in between intervals When the milk thickens to a starchy consistency, add A Pinch of Nutmeg A pinch of Cinnamon Powder Add Chopped Nuts into the Mixture Turn off the heat and allow the Mixture to cool slightly Dish can be served warm or chilled Add in the Apple Cubes when ready to serve

Source: Youtube

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