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hello friends, Welcome back to What I Ate Wednesday on Mary's Test Kitchen As always, we start bright and early

I'll apologize in advance if I sound funny My voice has been having a rough time lately Allergy season has struck pretty hard this year I guess I'm babying myself a bit With cake for breakfast

It has to stand for a minute Good time to make a ying yang Half tea and half coffee, though I'm doing it my own way with instant hazelnut flavoured coffee This apple cake is so fluffy Just enough sweetness from maple syrup, a little texture from chopped apples

It's just perfect Some soy milk for the coffee tea Or tea coffee And that's my version of a yinyanga popular drink found on Hong Kong style cafe menus After breakfast, I started preparing for dinner already It's so warm lately that I don't want to cook anything inside after 11am So I'm taking advantage of the cooler morning temperatures

Can you guess what I'm making? You could cheat and peak in the description That's where all the recipes will be linked, by the way Those steam for an hour Good thing I work from home, so I can sort of pay attention to that while I get stuff done And by get stuff done, I mean get distracted by this tub of Ben and Jerry's vegan-friendly ice cream

I don't think I've had this flavour before It's not bad Pretty good But not as creamy as the So Delicious cashew based ice cream, in my opinion I like the brownie bits

They make this sort of icy almond based ice cream a lot nicer When the sausages are finished steaming, I let them cool a while Then, I unwrap them and they can go in the fridge After having both cake AND ice cream before noon, it was time for something a bit more nutritious For dinner, I fired up the grill

When it was nice and hot, I added the scallion seitan sausages from earlier today I'm brushing them with oil to help prevent them from sticking and, hopefully, prevent them from drying out since don't contain very much fat They only need to heat through, so 2 minutes later, I flipped them And brushed on some more oil Then, into a snug bun

And with some aquafaba mayo with some gochujang mixed in And chopped up bread and butter pickles Tasty but a little dry, to be honest Next time, I'll probably add some coconut oil to the seitan dough or blend in some sauteed mushrooms to help retain the moisture level But not bad for the start of the grilling season

What are you looking forward to grilling? Let me know in the comments below And that was my food day Pretty fun I hope you have a fun food day too As always, thank you so much for watching

I really mean it even though I tell you every week You guys are the reason I make these videos and I pretty much live for your comments and the photos you send me over instagram when you make one of my recipes I get stupidly happy and you best believe I show them off to my friendswell, mostly my boyfried who indulges me while I squeal about how amazing you guys are Amyways, until next week, bye for now!

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