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Apple Pie Recipe 🍎 Vegan 🍏 With Macros [CC]



Hi guys, it's Lara! Thanks for watching and welcome back to my channel Today we are going to bake an apple pie together

Not so long ago, I watched one of Katrin Bernd's videos in which she made an apple pie and it looked so delicious, so yummy, so I have decided to veganize the recipe and film it for you guys So if that's something you interested in them please keep watching Let's have a look at the ingredients and we're gonna start with the apples I personally like for anything baked rather apples that are quite sour So I have here two Granny Smith apples

I find that when you have a batter that is already sweet, that in combination with rather sour apples it kind of creates a nice rounded taste That's just my preference – if you don't like that, you can of course use any other apples But I personally prefer either Pink Lady or summer apples that are quite sour or Granny Smith And here we have the other ingredients So I have here one and a half cup all-purpose flour, 1 cup sugar

If you want the cake to have fewer calories, you can use for example Stevia or Erythrite or birch sugar Then I have here 2 TBS flax seeds, here we have about 3 TBS brown sugar That's then for the top And here is one baggie vanilla sugar and 1 teaspoon baking powder Then I have here half a cup of almond milk and one cup almond yogurt

You could use any other non-dairy milk you like and, for example, coconut yogurt And last but not least, I have here cinnamon which I will need in order to sprinkle it on the top before we put the delicious summery cake in the oven So first I will combine all the dry ingredients So we have flour, sugar, flax seeds and then I'll add the baking powder and the vanilla sugar And I will stir it nicely

(Music: Nice And easy, Audionautix) And now I will add the non-dairy milk and the yogurt And again, I will just stir it up So as you can see, the batter is extremely easy to make and it's also very fast Now, let me show you the consistency So the batter is a rather creamy, so you can easily pour it into you a pie form

Speaking of which: I have here this simple pie form And instead of greasing it and dusting it with flour, I will use this nonstick reusable baking sheet This is an amazing thing So I will just place it on the pie form and now I will simply pour the batter in it And now I will nicely spread it over the entire form

You can see that the baking sheet is a little bit bigger You could theoretically cut it back, but I think it's fine, it doesn't bother me So I'm gonna leave it like that You should try to spread the pie batter as equally as possible so that the pie would be everywhere the same height I am already preheating the oven to 175 °C, which is – I think – something around 350 °F or something like that

I will write the exact Fahrenheit temperature down below together with the recipe And now, I will put the batter aside and we are going to cut the apples into slices Alright! So now I have here all these apple slices So I`ll put the batter again back on the camera And what I will do now is, I will start putting the slices like so vertically into the cake batter

Now, those slices stick out right now because the cake batter did not rise yet But don't worry, it's gonna rise in the oven and then the apple slices will be covered as well And I'm gonna start in the middle and then I'm going to work my way towards the edges Now, what works for me the best is to kind of spread the apples with a little bit bigger spaces and then when I'm done then I always add the remaining apple slices into the spaces that are in my opinion a little bit too big, because I like it to be very dense I like to have a big portion of apple in the apple pie

So this is what it looks like right now And now I will take cinnamon and sprinkle a little bit cinnamon on the top And then I have here brown sugar – these are the three tablespoons So I'm going to sprinkle the brown sugar on the top as well And this is lovely because the sugar is gonna caramelize in the oven, and it's just super super delicious Alright! The pie is ready, so I'm gonna put it in the oven for about 1 hour and 10 minutes

The cake is a little bit more than halfway through I looked at the alarm clock and it's supposed to stay in the oven for 34 minutes And you can see that the batter has already nicely risen And let me tell you, the entire house now smells like sugar and cinnamon – it smells so wonderful! And here we have the finished pie It ended up being only one hour in the oven

I pinched the middle like so with a knife and than I checked if the batter sticks to the knife It didn't so I turned the oven a little bit earlier off And what I like doing is grabbing the reusable baking sheet and carefully lifting the pie from the pie form and I like putting it on a cutting board so that it gets a little bit more air so that it can cool off a little bit faster Looking at the pie from the top you can clearly see that these apple slices created rows which kind of makes it even easier to portion the cake once it's cooled off Well, and once the pie is cool enough I always carefully lift it in one piece from the baking sheet and I put it back into the baking form

Which is especially practical if you are planning on bringing the pie somewhere For example, I'm bringing this pie tomorrow to the office Wov, the pie smells so wonderful! You can smell the apples and the cinnamon and the sugar – it's just such a wonderful scent! And honestly I can't wait for tomorrow when I'm gonna have a piece of this As always I have written the recipe also down below in the description box I added the second version with fewer calories where you would replace the sugar with a sweetener

And of course, I also added the macros Well and that is it for today I hope that you guys enjoyed today's video Thank y'all so much for watching, I love you guys so much and see you soon Bye!

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