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Aprende a preparar PUPUSAS, cocina típica salvadoreña / Learn how to cook PUPUSAS from El Salvador.!



Hello!, welcome back to my channel again, Today one of friend of mine, is here with us; we work together in a cruiship! We are at home and she is going to prepare something delicious She is from El Salvador and her name is Fátima García! " Hello Fati, How are you?" "Hello Isa, fine thanks and you?" "Very well, at home, jaja, thanks" "Good, i m glad to hear you again!" Thanks! Today we are going to prepare our traditional food which its called PUPUSAS they are prepared with corn kernel, We cook corn kernel with a small amount with limescale and then we grind it with a mill and we got a corn dough! But now we are going to use corn flour, you can find it at supermarket! So we are going to prepare the dough: I have already all my ingredients! "WASH YOUR HANDS" Remember you can find all the recipes in the comment box at the end of the video We are going to add corn flour into a container You can use any amount you wish Add cold water little by little and lets begin to knead it! We are going to check the texture, and if is necessary add more water And if you add too much water you can add more corn flour, don`t worries! I am ready with my corn dough, how is yours ,Isa? ja ja I m done! Here i have another container with water to wash my hands for remove dough waste from my hands We need a chopped fresh jalapeño chili pepper Here in El Salvador we use "Quesillo" Its similar to Mozzarella cheese , but a little more salty "Fried beans" You can use any filling for your Pupusas, like shrimp with cheese; chicken, Here is very famous pork scratchings and vegetable oil for ur hands, to avoid to get sticky when we are preparing pupusas At the same time, i will prepare a tomate sauce i used 6 tomatos, a small piece of white onion I will cook it with small amount of water "Slow flame", "Cook 10 minutes" Reheat a flat grill with oil and medium flame Lets begin to pat the corn dough Rub the hands with oil Get a small portion of corn dough bowl it and pat it! add cheese Remember add a lot of filling, to get a nice flavour! add chopped jalapeño Close it and remove leftover corn dough and pat it again! round shape! and place it in the flat grill already hot, with oil

Please check the tomatos avoid to over cooked or boiled away! I check them but they need more time and we continue making more Pupusas! Look them, the cheese is getting brown nice color Tomatos are ready, with an orange color and water is boiling! Add a short water Add 2 cloves of garlic Blend it! Drain it and put again on the stove Add more water, boil it medium flame Our condiments or sides for Pupusas are tomate sauce and "Curtido" We prepared with a fine julienne of white cabbage Add fine julienne of carrot and add fine julienne of white onion If you want add some spicy flavor, you can use jalapeño, habanero or serrano chili peppers We boil water and we add it into the vegetable mixture We let it 5 minutes at least, no longer ! Everyday we have curtido at home and then we drain water from the mixture we add white vinegar, dried oregano and salt to taste finally ready to enjoy it! tomato sauce is boiling, with a perfect thick consistency! Ready to season it wit sea salt Also you can add spicy flavor with jalapeño chili pepper, Here in El Salvador we use Chiltepe chili pepper Our Jalapeño Pupusa looks like this: and Beans with Cheese Pupusa ! Ready to eat them! Salvadoreño people use to eat them with the hands! I am lover cheese, so i m going to taste Cheese Pupusa! and i add curtido, dip it into the tomate sauce and "Pa´dentro" (have a good meal) Mmm, yummi! Hey Fati, i prepared a drink to serve together with the Pupusas Artisan Chicha Soda I understand that Central America, South America and some cities from Mexican Republic Use to drink this Artisan soda Its a fermented drink, and its prepared sometimes with cereals, fruits and mainly with CORN! Here in EL Salvador we have a special food and we called "Gallo en Chicha" Thanks a lot! and well, all our audience, you can look for Chef Fatima Garcia in her social media to ask any question, some recipes from El Salvador and thanks again! Thanks to you Isa, had invited me to your Youtube Channel and regards to all of you from this quarantine mood! Right up until the end!!!! Try to make the Pupusas and of course if all of you need more recipes or any question about El Salvador! welcome ! Don´t hesitate to reach me Excellent! i hope see you soon! See you, thank you! Remember this Delicious Pupusas recipe, you can find it in the comment box! as well Chef Fatima´s social media ! I love this type of video because we learn about another cultures and countries i really hope you do too! If you like the video just give me a "like" please Activate a notification bell for more videos And follow me in my social media

See you!

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New Cookery Recipes
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