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Arisa Pitha, Odisha Famous Recipe // A Pan Fry Cake Sweet Recipe of Odisha – Puspanjali



Hi all welcome to my channel Today, we will prepare Odisha famous Arisa Pitha Recipe I have taken RAW rice and let soaked it for 8/10 hours or overnight Dry in cotton cloth for 2 hours at home Don't dry on sunlight Don't use rice flour from the market Try to make it at your home Now it's dry Now I am grinding the rice Don't make it fully grinded Rice flour is ready now Now we will proceed for the next step I am making this cake in Jaggery Add little water this step is very important Always your gas flame should be low You can make it in sugar also but your jaggery cake will be always soft it will ready once look like jelly now its gaggery is ready for the next process I am adding 1SPN Fennel and Elaichi for good flavor mix it properly add half cup of rice flour don't add at a time like this how I am doing mix it properly This cake is very easy to prepare you can store it for 1 month It's a famous delicious sweet recipe of Odisha preparing in all festivals Now we are ready with the mixed rice flour paste add 1 SPN desi ghee add little oil into your hand make the paste-like ball add white til top of the balls you can prepare without til also

It will be very tasty if you are adding the Til little press it or the Til will not stuck with the ball and put into the deep oil fry it in medium low flame prepare all balls like the same process you can prepare it in different shapes we will check now now the cake is ready little press it so, the oil will be get out from cake wow! it looks yummy i will break and show after get done with all now all Cake(Pitha) are ready now I will break one piece and show you wow! it's looking yummy and crunchy many people try to make this cake hence they failure if you are taking all the ingredients quantity like me, would be very easy to prepare if you are watching my video first time would be requested to subscribe to my channel I will come with a new recipe in my next video thank you all

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