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Asparagus/How to cook Asparagus(Shathavari)/Asparagus Grill/Benefits of Asparagus



How to grill/Cook Asparagus Asparagus is a Nutritious rich Veggie It is rich in Vitamin K,and rich in mineralsit is a less caloric food also it is less fatty food

You can eat it as raw in salads,or cooked as stew or soup,or can pickle or Grill it the ingredients we need is Asparagus, crushed black pepper garlic(chopped or powder) salt and lemon juice wash the asparagus thoroughly 3-4 times cut it or you can use as such preheat the oven for 425F cut the asparagus and add all the ingredients to this,Salt,black [pepper,garlic powder mix it and transfer it in to the skillet or baking sheet spread the marinated asparagus evenly on the pan or baking sheet keep it in the oven for 10-15 minute till it become tender/soft after it is done take it out and spray squeezed lemon juice on top it and enjoy enjoy the grilled asparagus with any other food like Grilled chicken/beef/shrimp thank you for watching, please like and share & suggestions please THANK YOU

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