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At Home Date Night Recipes: Simple No Cook Taco Salad



– How are you doing? – Mark nice to meet you – Nice to meet you

– Hi Jade – Nice to meet you, Jade – Nice to meet you as well – How are you guys tonight? – Great – Great

(air whooshing) (upbeat music) – Today we're gonna do a nice little taco salad (upbeat music) – [Keicha] Who is the chopper? Who is– (crosstalk) – He is the chef period! I'm the taster, usually he's the chef – Okay – We're gonna stick with those roles today – So, to get started, we are gonna do some dicing of a little bit of onion

For how long have you guys been engaged? – [Jade] Almost a year? – Congratulations, that is awesome – Thank you so much – We're gonna cut up some yellow bell peppers, top and bottom There we go So we're gonna do the same thing with the red bell pepper – You're the chopper or the jiulianer? Well those aren't Juliets

– So while he is doing the red bell pepper, put on a pair of gloves and we'll just take the skin off of the chicken and we can start shredding some of that chicken and putting it right into the bowl shred it up real good – We wants this dark meat too – Absolutely, 'cause it's moist – Yes, we want the juicy – Okay, so while she's working on the chicken I'm going to have you do the tomato

– Tomato, lets do it – Yeah, so we're going to do it the same way that you did the bell pepper so we're gonna dice those and that's gonna go right into the bowl Who does most most of the cooking at home? – He does (laughing) – [Jade] I'm the taster – When we first met, she made me the driest chicken breast– Stuffed chicken breast of all time

I was literally dipping it in water, to put it down – It was bad It's kind of ironic that we're working with chicken today, because literally, I tried, oh my gosh – She cooked that chicken to hell, that chicken died three times – Oh, no, don't talk about– (upbeat music) – Add your jalapenos into your bowl

The last thing we do is crumble up some queso fresco cheese – Okay – Yeah, so I'm gonna pass that down to you add a little bit of the black beans into this bowl, but we don't want all the juice in there – Got it We will add a little bit love with these olives

– [Jade] Add 'em if you, just a little bit – [Keicha] Just put a little bit, yeah – Tear just a couple leaves of and were gonna pluck the leaves just like this If you're trying to eliminate carbs – Yeah – You know, you could do like a taco bowl with just with that – Cause it got a little bit structure to it

– Exactly, you know just put it in your bowl like this We're just going to add a little bit of the enchilada sauce We got a lot of chicken Yeah that's cool, we'll start with that And then we can add all of this yogurt in there

(upbeat music) – Look at you, girl! – You can get a nice mix in there (upbeat music) You got to taste it – Gotta taste it – Taste test, taste test – That Salad looks beautiful

– Right, it's my little flower tacos salad – Man, looks beautiful – Gassing her up (upbeat music) – Is that a good fan, I'm not sure? Cheese me – Yes

– Good job, bam – I am so proud of y'all! – Here we go (upbeat music) It's good Very good – And I'm not missing the taco

– See? – Honestly – There you go – Cheers – Cheers – Cheers, great food

– Cheers – Hi, thanks for watching Be sure to like and subscribe and don't forget to check out our channel for new videos every week The subscribe button It's up there

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New Cookery Recipes
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