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welcome to recipes in my way today we are going to make athirasam now we can see how to do this with correct scale and the ingredients required for this now 300 gram raw rice rince this in water and soak it for 2 &1/2 hour it's been 2&1/2 hours now we can dry the water and and spread them in a white cloth to dry well dry this for 30 to 45 minutes in fan this is dry, it should be like this now we can powder this now we can filter this and powder it once again we made the floor let it be i've taken 175 gram normal jaggery crushed this will be 3/4 amount in the glass in which we took the rice add this in a vessel and with some water boil it for more sweetness you can add 25 gram extra 100 ml is enough let this dissolve 4-5 cardamon, small piece dry ginger add 1 teaspoon sugar and powder them all now we can add this in the jaggery now we can filter this in a pan let this boil for 5 minutes boil this in medium flame not in high mix this continuously it's not yet ready for knowing the consistency take a bowl of water leave few drops it should become thick this is the correct time now we can place the stove in low flame and add the floor slowly mix this well we mixed this add 1 teaspoon sesame either black or white this is not compulsory now switch the stove off and change this to another bowl batter is ready but we can't make it now we should keep it for 1 or 2 days should keep this out not in fridge now the batter is thick no need to add water just mix this well mix this well we mixed this now make small ball like amla this will be of 30 gram, no need for bigger size than this i've heated some oil you can add a spoon of ghee if you wish the aroma will be nice apply some oil in banana leaf like this make the batter like this like a biscuit make a hole at center spread like this and fry them in oil oil should be hot it should be in high flame and then turn them to low flame immediately don't do anything initially after 10 seconds pour some oil or press it in fry this for 2 minutes turn this in between it will be some what oily athirasam is now ready drain the oil and place it in a tissue paper i've shown you the procedure

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