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Atkins diet tofu burrito breakfast recipes – Taiwan favor cooking skill 減醣千張早餐



Good morning, everybody Today, I'm going to share how to do my daily breakfast

Let's start cooking In order to make the breakfast in low calories, I use tofu sheet which is only 17 calories per sheet Here, I use two Then I get some fresh onion, cucumber, lettuce And, sausage

One egg One cheese First of all, we crack the egg into the bowl and start stirring After stirring well, we start making egg sheet We heat the wok first, add some oil, and put the egg into the wok

Then, fry it into the egg sheet Then fry the sausage In order to save some time, I cut the sausage into 3 pieces After egg and sausage are fried well, we can start combining these ingredients Let's enjoy it

Source: Youtube

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