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Attempting to cook Dutch Pancakes!🥞🙈



– Hello and welcome back to the channel! Welcome back, if you're not caught up, just know that we sold everything we owned including our house in Los Angeles and now we're traveling to a new country every single month to pursue the online business, Team MBL, meet with you guys, talk at music schools, et cetera et cetera I will leave the link to my vlog where I explain how I sold everything et cetera up here

But today I am going to attempt to make a traditional food item Every country I visit I wanna attempt to make one of their traditional food items As you may or may not know, I'm here in The Netherlands and today I'm going to be making the Dutch pancake, also known as pannekoeken That's the Dutch word for it I probably said it really terribly, but

It's basically like a crepe but slightly thicker, and today I'm going to be making it for Lucas, who obviously is not Dutch, and also my friend Ben, who is Dutch So we're gonna get to see from their point of views if I did a good enough job, if I pass or failed And to get the full recipe, if you guys wanna attempt to make this as well, I will leave the link in the description to my blog where it'll have the step-by-step and the whole entire ingredients list and all that good stuff Now don't forget to subscribe, because I'm going to be doing like food, history, culture of every country I visit, yadda yadda yadda, you guys get the picture Let's go do some cooking

Right you guys, it's time to cook I don't know how the volume or the sound is in the kitchen so sorry, but this is the setup when you travel, you just gotta go with the flow Anyway, I cheated a little bit I couldn't find all-purpose flour at the grocery store, but they had pannenkoeken mix and all that's in it is flour and salt which are two of the ingredients for the recipe So the recipe calls for 800 milliliters of milk

I have no idea what that means We use cups in America So let's see how much 800 milliliters of How many milliliters are in a liter? – [virtual assistant] The answer is 1000 milliliters – So I don't need 20% of the liter of milk that I got So I don't need one fifth of the milk I got I'm just gonna eyeball it and we'll see what happens This is the fun part about cooking in a different country

Different measurements, and also this Airbnb does not have any measuring utensils 'Cause you're probably like, just use a measuring glass thing No, she doesn't have any, so Completely eyeballing it, guys (reads in foreign language) That's my first thing I need to do

Okay, so I can't really figure out the instructions I have a limited amount of Dutch that I know and the amount that I know says certain things The other Dutch words, I don't know, probably say other things But we're just gonna go by instinct, 'cause I bake a lot And we'll see what happens

(laughs) (sings) ♪ This is how we do it Do you shake milk in The Netherlands? Do you shake milk in the US? I feel like you do, but I'm not sure So this is the eyeballing that we're going to be doing It feels about half Oh man, oh man This is not turning out the best, already

This is not going according to plan So far it looks like this And my whisk is stuck in the batter Okay I love how I'm like, I'm a pretty good baker, cook person and then it's like why can't I whisk this? (vigorous whisking) Lucas! – [Lucas] Yeah? – My arm is so sore from mixing this, I need your help

– [Lucas] Okay – I can't do it Sometimes you just gotta get Lucas to help out, you know? After employing Lucas to help, look It looks like batter now! With some chunks (upbeat pop music) So I see it where they slice bananas and put it actually in the batter when you cook the batter

So I'm gonna be slicing up some bananas, 'cause we're making some banana pannenkoeken I don't know the word for banana in Dutch Is it Anna, Ana-na? Next step is to butter the pan or so I think, by my limited Dutch And then pour the batter on, but not too much Just right, which I don't know what that means

(sings) whoo! Hey hey, hey hey hey Spread it out This is what it looks like Not bad, right? We're doing what we can with what we have, guys and I think we're doing okay All right, so I've got the batter in there well as much as I think it's supposed to have, And some bananas (sings) ♪ This is how we do it (humming) I think it's ready to flip, look at that

It's like brown, it looks like it's being cooked Yes! Next challenge is flipping it so it doesn't break apart We'll see what happens here (laughs) Aargh! Oh my gosh, I nailed it Now how do we know when the other side's done? Probably short after, I think

All right, this is what it looks like right now but this is kinda what it looks like when you get it actually at a restaurant, so I think it's sorta right Lucas! – [Lucas] Yeah? – I can't open the Nutella I made a home-made piping bag of Nutella, so let's see how it goes, guys Oh, here it goes It's going

It's going! I've successfully covered it in Nutella Next up, whipped cream Slag Room I think it's whipped cream (laughs) It looks like it anyway, but those are words I don't know in Dutch But I'm going to wait to put this on until I'm ready to take the picture, so I'm gonna bring you guys with me and show you how I take my lovely Instagram and Pinterest photos

Oh gosh, I can't mess this up because then the picture's ruined! (squeals nervously) I've never practised with this, though I need to practise with this All right, here we go Wooh! I did it, I did it So I've got the pumpkins and the bananas for the beautiful decoration, and the plants 'cause that always, you know, is usually on a bed

And then a fork and a knife, and then this is what the whipped cream ended up looking like So not too bad, for my first whipped cream thing with the Dutch whipped cream And so the Instagram photo is going to probably look something like that Okay – Why do you have this already? – [Lucas] Oh, he's wondering why we have the fork- – [Lauren] I'm gonna make penna-koka! Panna-koka

– Pannenkoeken? – [Lauren] Pannenkoeken! – [Lucas] Pannenkoeken – Awesome – [Lauren] So you're gonna taste test it – Whether it will be good, or? – [Lauren] I dunno, we'll decide You'll decide, since you're the Dutch one

– [Lauren] Okay Lucas! All right, this one's Lucas's – [Lucas] Oh! – [Lauren] Do not eat it yet though – [Lucas] Lauren made this – [Lauren] Ben, you sit down now Here is Ben's

– [Lucas] We have our coffees too, ready to go – [Lauren] 'Kay, wait – It for real, really smells good – [Lauren] Yesss! – But it just smells good, that's about it – [Lauren] Okay

– Let me see if it's Dutch-approved – [Lauren] Yes Well? – I'm gonna taste right now See about the thickness, et cetera – [Lauren] I think it's a little too thick, probably

– It's, yeah, it's a little bit too thick – [Lauren] (laughs) – [Lucas] This is the Dutch taste test – It's okay, it's okay – [Lucas] Get some whipped cream on there – Anyway, I'm just about finished

– [Lucas] You take a while – [Lauren] (snorts with laughter) – Do I have to grade you on this? – [Lauren] Yes! – It's really good – [Lauren] Yesss! On a scale of one to super Dutch? How Dutch- – one to super Dutch? – [Lucas] Super lekker – It's super lekker, yeah (triumphant music) – [Lauren] Yes! I got a super lekker, guys Moment of truth – Ooh – Get more of the cream

– [Lauren] (laughs) – Banana It's so good (triumphant music) – It is? – [Lauren] Yes! – Is this your first pancake, or not? – [Lauren] This is the first one ever – No, for real, you didn't even practise? – [Lauren] No, no! – All day, and then I came in- No, no – [Lauren] No, I literally just did, that was my first one! – And that is it, we tried a traditional food item

I think I did pretty well, I usually am okay at cooking so maybe these will not be so bad Maybe they will be, depending on the country This one was actually quite simple, as you guys saw So not much to challenge myself Lauren, I mean you kind of cheated

But it's cool, it's whatever Don't forget to like this video if you like, you know, food, uh huh And subscribe, if you haven't already! Why have you not, who even are you? I will say that again And we will see you in the next video which is going to be some facts and stuff about Amsterdam you may or may not know It's gonna be very interesting

And we will see you then All right guys, bye!

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