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Aunt Vivian’s Sweet Potato Pie



(slow rock music) – Hi, my name is Bianca Lambert, and I am cooking my Aunt Vivian's Sweet Potato Pie My aunt is the only person in our family that still bakes sweets

She's the only person that's kinda carried this recipe over from my grandmother and just kinda passed down those Southern roots So the way that you know your potatoes are done, you just kinda give it a little poke or a little stab That's how know that it's ready I grew up in Atlanta, and my parents are from this town in Alabama called Monroeville So Thanksgiving, Christmas, like whatever holiday you can think of, we will drive down

Well, my grandma, I remember, like, she would just have all this food, and she didn't have a lot of money and all that, but you could guarantee that there was going to be a spread Everything that you've ever wanted, she knew all your favorites And that was her way of showing love And I feel like that is what southern cooking is all about It's just a way to show love and give back to your family in a different kind of way

I'll say this I'm always looking forward to this pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas I might even volunteer to make the sweet potato pie this year Nobody's probably gonna let me do it, though Or they'll let me do, like, one, and then, she'll do all the other ones

(laughs) Anybody makes anything good, like, if you know something's really good at Thanksgiving, it just goes So if you don't get to that pie before it's gone, forget about it Yeah, you better get it while you can And people, I mean, we do share, it's very much about community, but people like what they like We all know each others' favorites

So yeah, once it's gone, that's it This is just one of my all-time favorites It's the thing I can eat I mean, I can eat a whole pie by myself So my aunt surprised me by letting me know that she uses lemon extract in the sweet potato pie

When she said it, I was like, is she making a mistake? But it's been perfect for years, so I'm sure she knows what she's talking about Here's the thing I don't think anyone can cook sweet potato pie like anybody in my family Nobody does it quite like we do But hey, to all the aunties and grandmas and people out there, like, you guys are amazing

And I just think we're all partial to our family's cooking Thanksgiving for us is just, like, the best time of year Probably my favorite holiday just because it's so much about family and food and eating and just having a good time It tastes so good My aunt's gonna be super proud

(slow rock music) (camera clicks)

Source: Youtube

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