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Average people react to VEGAN chocolate



What would you say if I told you that was a vegan chocolate bar? it’s vegan? that’s really good I cannot taste the difference honestly that’s unreal when most people think about vegan food they tend to think about a bowl of raw organic kale that tastes like it came out of Donald Trump’s rectum that’s true well I want to help to change these perceptions so I’m going to take this vegan chocolate bar to the streets of Sydney and see whether or not people can tell that it’s vegan let’s do it it’s pretty good it tastes like Nutella I like it yeah it tastes like Nutella I’d give it an 8 yeah 8 and a half I’m happy with it I’d buy it this is really good I do really like it it tastes like ferrero rocher but more chocolatey which is really nice I like that it tastes exactly like a ferrero rocher I am enjoying putting this in my mouth Out of 10 probably like a 7 7 or 8 it’s good it’s milk chocolate right? it’s really good it’s so good I love chocolate man this is amazing oh my god that’s so good oh my god that's so yummy it tastes like Nutella yeah it does I’m keeping this one per week we halve it and we ration it what would you say if I told you that was a vegan chocolate bar? it’s vegan? damn I can’t taste the difference that’s crazy I’m sitting here eating the whole thing that tells you what I think about it I just ate all of it sh*t really? Far out it’s vegan? Yup Is it just the milk that’s from animals? No the meat that’s really good I cannot taste the difference honestly it’s unreal I eat a lot of chocolate and nuts and that does not taste any different honestly you eat a lot of nuts? I eat a lot of chocolate I eat the other part I’d be like it’s pretty lit I don’t see a difference between non-vegan chocolate and that Oh ok! It’s really good! No way it’s vegan? that’s amazing I’m pleasantly surprised that it tastes that good you know what? after this, I’m going vegan If you can get this vegan chocolate bar that tastes so good that random people out on the street aren’t able to tell that it’s vegan how can you possibly use taste as a justification for killing cows for milk the fact that everyday normal people thought that this tasted great without dairy makes milk as necessary to consume as the souls of small children (my native tongue) hail satan he is our one true saviour I totally would eat a child’s soul they provide my body with an excellent source of iron and zinc if you want to get your hands on a vego bar you can get them at the cruelty free shop shift eatery and lord of the fries and probably a bunch of other places but that is the video so if you like it make sure to physically like it subscribe, leave a comment, tell me what you think and yeah that’s it sea later, cool, catchy, bye

Source: Youtube

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