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Avocado Ricotta Crostini – Easy Avocado Spread – Food Wishes



hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with avocado ricotta crostini that's right I enjoy avocado toast just as much as the next millennial trapped in a baby boomers body but nevertheless I'm always looking for variations on my favorite things to eat so when I saw avvocato and her coda being combined on a menu recently I was intrigued I mean not enough to order it but intrigued enough to go out and buy the stuff the next day to give it a try and I'm so happy I did because it was amazing so with that let's go ahead and get started by prepping the basis for this delicious bite and what I'm gonna be going with is some 1/2 inch slices that I cut diagonally from a baguette that I'll be drizzling very generously with olive oil and by the way if you put enough on you don't have to do both sides since that will soak through Izzy's big speaking of which once those are set we'll go ahead and pop those into the center of a 375 degree oven for about 25 minutes or so or until they are golden brown and crispy and while I'm not gonna prove that with a fork this time I will give one the whole tappet abba so you can hear you really do want to cook these until they're crunchy then once that's been accomplished we'll go ahead and set those aside until they cool completely at which point we can move on to our extremely easy to make avocado spread and we'll begin that with a review on how exactly to cut and pit in an avocado and first up we're going to remove that little stem thing and then we will start our cut right in the center of that all the way until our knife hits the pit at which point we will simply cut that all the way around and by the way if you're not a highly trained professional please put a towel in your hand first just in case and then simply by twisting the two halves if our avocados right Bish's separate cleanly leaving us with the pit in one side that will remove by firmly but not too forcefully tapping the blade of our knife right in the center and then all we need to do is twist and pull and it should come out beautifully and then if there's only one thing you remember from this video let it be this never ever pull an avocado pit off the knife okay instead put your fingers behind it and gently push and pinch it off this way and there'll be zero chance you cut yourself as opposed to pulling it off the knife where you have like a 90% chance of cutting yourself so that's the best-case scenario here is the worst-case let's say for the sake of argument you have terrible luck and you did everything exactly as described but when you want to twist this happened the pit splits in half and sure you could just throw this way and try another one or grab a spoon and try to dig it out but don't do either of those things okay if that happens all we need to do is stab straight down into the center of the pit and then twist and it should come out so anyway just a little bonus video in case that happens you all right as you know we never let the food win but regardless once our avocado is halved and pitted we will go ahead and scoop that into a bowl which should be very easy if the avocados ripe okay really the only way to screw up this recipe besides plunging a knife into your palm would be to use an under ripe too hard avocado which not only won't have a great texture but the taste won't be as good either so we want to use something nice and ripe and buttery and then what we'll do once that's been scooped into a bowl is add some beautiful fresh ricotta cheese which is normally made from cows milk but if you're one of the fancy stores and they have a sheep smell variety definitely give that a try since that's my fave and then what we'll do once that's been added is grab a potato masher and mash this as smooth or as chunky as we want okay a fork will also work and as you can see I mash this pretty smooth and then what we'll do once all that's been mashed together its squeezing the juice of half a lemon and by the way the reason I'm adding this after mashing is because avocados are pretty high fat and they get really slippery when you try to mash them with a liquid and you'll have chunks trying to fly out of the bowl so I generally like to mash first and then add the flavorings and then besides the lemon juice I'm also going to add a little bit of fresh basil as well as a nice big generous pinch of kosher salt okay avocados always needs a good amount of salt and then we'll finish this up with a little shake of cayenne and then we'll go ahead and mix all that together and of course give it the mandatory taste for seasoning and do not be surprised if you need another little pinch of salt okay and under salted avocado spread is a mediocre avocado spread and then what we'll do once as tasting exactly how we want is go ahead and apply it to our now cooled crostini spreading out a little or a lot alright never forget you have been are and always will be the chef John of how much to put on but my personal philosophy is pile up as much as you can so that's what I did and once those have been spread we can move on to probably the most fun part of the operation the garnishing and the accessorizing of the top and since I had some beautiful and very sweet cherry tomatoes around I decided to do some slices of those and then besides the tomatoes I also decided to add some thin slices of breakfast radish a name that I've always been amused by since who the heck are these people eating radishes for breakfast I mean I'm not saying I wouldn't I'm just saying we'd have to be out of all the other breakfast foods first but anyway we'll go ahead and garnish shows up with the seasonal vegetables of our choice at which point I decided to shine up the tops a little bit of olive oil preferably something on the bold and peppery side and then because under salted tomatoes are almost as bad as under salted avocado I sprinkled some beautifully flaky sea salt over the top and then for a final touch I finishes up a little bit of snip chive and that's it I don't think that plate of avocado or Kota crostini could look any better or more enticing except maybe if I remove that one rogue chive there we go I feel better now and that my friends really did taste every bit as amazing as it looked alright the combination of that olive oil soaked crispy crostini with our relatively light and healthy yes still rich and satisfying avocado spread topped with our beautiful fresh veggies is just an incredibly great combination of tastes and textures and it's funny until I had seen it written on that menu it really had never occurred to me to combine avocado and ricotta cheese I mean why would it but they really did work wonderfully together and as far as presentation goes this size works perfectly for like a breakfast or a lunch or a brunch but if you cut your bread into smaller rounds they would be perfect as a passed hors d'oeuvre or if you're serving a larger group in a more informal setting just do your spread in a bowl and then just surround it with your crostini and let people serve themselves that should also work beautifully but no matter how you decide to serve these I really do hope you give them a try soon so head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you

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