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Awesome Whole Food Plant Based Vegan Spring Rolls



hey everyone my name's Amy and today we are back in the kitchen again for another recipe this time spring rolls All right if you like this video please hit the thumbs up and do not forget to subscribe now let's get started cooking some good food

So in order to make this super simple recipe we are actually going to need a few tools First, we're going to need a cutting board and a knife Next, we need a big tray to have some hot water in After that we need something to boil our water in So in order to build our spring rolls we are going to need to put some vegetables together

First, we are going to need some grated carrot next let's get some spring onions We'll chop them finely so that we can include them in the spring rolls Next, we can put in some mushrooms Today I'm using oyster mushrooms because they're one of my favorite types of mushrooms So, make sure to chop them into strips when you use them

Here I am chopping up cilantro Putting herbs in your spring rolls is one really an awesome way to be able to make them nicely flavored Cilantro is often used in Vietnamese cooking and is a wonderful ingredient to include in this Now, spring rolls typically have shrimp in them, however, today since we're doing a whole food plant-based version I'm using pre-baked tofu instead This is a brand that I like to get at my local supermarket and it makes it so much easier than having to bake the tofu at home on your own

Finally, we have Thai basil Trust me if you can find this you will make your spring rolls taste awesome S,o now that we actually have all of our vegetables together let's actually make the spring rolls So for that we need rice paper You can find them in a package that looks like this and you'll get a whole bunch when you actually purchase them

So, in order to make this really hard thing be soft and pliable enough for us to wrap everything up in it we need some hot water which is what I'm taking care of right now So now, that the water is nice and hot we're gonna pour it in the tray over here fill it until the water just covers the bottom Keep that water hot over there Then you're gonna take your rice paper and you're gonna submerge it in the water for about 10 to 15 seconds Alright once it would wrinkle when you're able to touch it it's a good time to take it out

Look at that Perfect So now we lay it down on a surface with a little that would be smooth for us to roll it out All right now that you got it decently smooth pile up your veggies so just a little bit of shredded lettuce, cilantro, Thai basil leaves, green onions, mushrooms, carrot and then our pieces of tofu Alright and then from here you gently roll it like it's a burrito Flip it over one time fold in the edges and then keep rolling until you're done This right here is one

Set it to the side and let it dry Now, you can't have spring rolls without peanut sauce This is personally my favorite peanut sauce that I found on a website called the spruce It is a spicy ginger peanut sauce filled with lemon juice and lots of good spice So, if you want to see the recipe I have linked down in the description box below

Click over there This is the best stuff to go with your spring rolls Thank you everyone for watching I really hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you enjoy this recipe too Always remember: love God, eat greens and get moving See you next time

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