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Bake with Anna Olson – Danish Pastries – Season 2 – Episode 2


[UltraVid id=143 ][Music] danishes truly are a bake shop staple and I’d love to show you how to make these buttery flaky pastries at home I’ll start off by making a basic Danish dough and then turning those into spiral raisin danishes after that we’ll play with shapes and fillings making cherry Danish twists and tropical fruit pinwheels then let’s dress up the danishes and make a filled Danish braid perfect for a Sunday brunch before we get to that we have to start with a good Danish dough and getting a handle on the technique I’ve added a cup and a half of water to my mixing bowl and it’s at about 115 degrees Fahrenheit I’ll add a tablespoon of yeast and I’m using instant yeast and a cup of all-purpose flour this I’ll just stir together so now I’m ready to add the next round of ingredients more all-purpose flour this time a cup and a half to help give the Danish pastry its tenderness and almost cake like texture a cup and a quarter of cake and pastry flour and if you’ve ever enjoyed a really nice Danish you know it has that hint of sweetness to it so I add a quarter cup of sugar a teaspoon of salt this is a cup and a quarter of cold unsalted butter and at this point I’m not going to add all the butter but about a quarter cup at the beginning just as the dough is working so that bit of butter can fully work into the dough there we go so you can see the dough itself is very elastic but look at those hunks of butter in there I want those in there now I’ll set this aside for half an hour to let it proof up and then after that half an hour you pop it in the fridge and you want to give it two hours to chill down so this is the dough after two hours look at that that dome on the plastic wrap that’s the yeast at work the first fold is the most important it’s called the book fold so it starts that process of layering in the butter between the yeast dough so you want to roll this into a long rectangle now for the book fold fold one end in and the other end in so that’s the first layer and now I’ll wrap this in plastic now this is ready to chill down again you want to let it go ideally an hour now see how it really domes up and now it’s time for its second fold instead of a book fold I’m going to do what’s called a three fold and you fold it into thirds and now it’s time to let this batch rest for another hour and this is the final fold before the dough is ready to start turning into danishes like the second one you fold it into thirds but again it has to rest for another hour you have to bear in mind from that starting point to now is a total process of about nine hours there’s a lot of resting time in between let’s make some danishes I think we earned that so I find this recipe makes 24 danishes I’m going to make 12 spiral danishes so I’ll cut this in half and I want to shape this into a square now I’ve got some melted butter here I’ll brush the melted butter over the entire surface of the dough you don’t need a lot it’s more to get the cinnamon sugar to stick on just a little sprinkling of cinnamon sugar and the reasons about half a cup but really if you love raisins put more in nice even layer and just like if you were rolling sticky buns start from one end and keep it as tight as you can I do trim off my end pieces here and to get 12 I cut first in half I cut each half into quarters and then I cut each of these quarters into thirds so I know I have evenly proportioned danishes I’ve got my parchment lined pastry tray and a little trick here that little end piece you actually want to tuck underneath that way your spiral doesn’t unravel you want to leave space around them so they can expand and stretch as they bake so these are not quite ready for the oven one more step because the Danish dough has been living in the fridge for so long it’s ice cold right now and so you have to let the whole dough warm up these come back to life and that takes about 90 minutes and after that 90 minutes they’re ready for the oven and look how they double in size the final step before they go into the oven is a little bit of egg wash just a single egg whisked with a couple tablespoons of cold water and that glosses over the danishes it promotes a nice even browning and a nice shine when they come out of the oven I’ve preheated my oven to 375 and these take about 25 to 30 minutes you’re looking for that rich even golden brown color I have some that I’ve already baked and I’ve let them cool a little bit to make them bake shop ready I find they needed the finishing touch of a bit of apricot glaze and so what you do is you heat a bit of apricot jam you can puree it if it’s got pieces in it and then strain it and that makes the ideal place for a Danish it’s that added level of sweetness and then I brush the jam on to fully cover each of the danishes now see that glisten that is just like a bake shop Danish [Music] so now you can see how they flattened out there that beautiful golden brown and then they unravel to reveal that tender flakiness that was worth all that effort of rolling and folding we’ve already accomplished a lot making Danish pastry dough and the spiral raised and danishes how about we play with some shapes and fillings cherry Danish twists and tropical fruit pinwheels our next you [Music] danishes are flaky buttery pastries that are perfect with a cup of coffee and now that I’ve made the basic dough it’s time to put a little twist on things literally I’m making cherry Danish twists and tropical fruit pinwheels so for my tropical pinwheels I’ve rolled out my dough into a rectangle and I’m gonna trim away the edges because now it’s time to start adding a little polish to our pastries and then to get a precise measurement I draw notches at my four inch marks on each side and this way it’s easier for me to cut more precise squares just kind of follow the lines now to make a pinwheel you take your square of Danish pastry dough and you want to cut incisions about an inch in from each corner and then you take one corner in to the center and you do that for each of those angles and look at that you’ve got your pinwheel here we go the pinwheels are done you have to give them about 90 minutes to proof while I start on my cherry Danish twists and this time I’ll roll this into a 12-inch square and then trim off the outside edges just like I did the first round to make the twists you want to cut this square into 12 long strips so they’re each about an inch across to make the twists you simply twist the length of the pastry and then you twist it around itself tuck the little end piece in and that is a textbook Danish twist [Music] so just like the pinwheels I’ll set this aside cover it to rise for about 90 minutes at room temperature it’s time to make the cherry filling I love cherry danishes I have a cup of frozen pitted cherries that I’ve thought and what’s really important is you want to drain them well to help thicken it and sweeten it I’m gonna add about half a cup of cherry jam is it that perfect gloss and sweetness there we go after 90 minutes look at how those twists and pinwheels have puffed right up before I start filling I want to brush all of them with the egg wash that single egg mixed with a couple tablespoons of cool water and then before I brush the pinwheels I want to make sure that they don’t puff up too much in the middle I need to make room for the tropical fruit filling I’m putting on top I just press right in the center of each one and now I’ll brush the tops of these so a little tip as you’re filling your danishes use the back of the spoon to press into it just to flatten that Center to cozy in the fruit filling you’re adding now these are ready for the oven it takes a 375 oven keep in mind the tropical pinwheels because they’re not filled they only take about 20 minutes the cherry danishes because they’re filled take an extra 10 so 30 minutes in total [Music] look at those I pulled my pinwheels out 10 minutes sooner and then I’ll let the cherry danishes cool a little bit before that final layer of glaze so to fill the tropical pinwheels I want to top them with an assortment of tropical fruits but to get the fruits to stick I want to put a nice lemon curd underneath I’ll start by measuring 6 tablespoons of sugar into my paws and I’ll add to that a quarter cup of butter get that heating on medium-high and while it’s heating to extract the flavor of the lemon I’ll grate in a little bit of zest I have a single whole egg and a quarter cup fresh lemon juice to help thicken it a quarter teaspoon of cornstarch so I whisk this together and then I’ll add it all at once to the melted butter I’ll keep whisking this on medium heat until it thickens up there we go but I do like to strain it that way it’s nice and smooth and I cover it on the surface that way I don’t get condensation I set it aside to cool and I have one that’s already chilled this is definitely something you can make ahead of time even a couple of days ahead of time I’ve got my lemon curd and then an assortment of tropical fruit so first move is to put a little bit of that lemon curd in the center of each pinwheel I think I’ll start with mango in the background Kiwi pineapple and dragon fruit now don’t worry if it’s not sticking exactly in place because of course you always glaze your danishes and that’ll be the finishing move I’ll bring over my cherry danishes that have now cooled and I’ll glaze everything all together so you can be quite generous with the apricot glaze you almost have the glaze drip off the brush Oh doesn’t that look stunning and I’ll do the same for the cherry Danish so now you have a really good sense of the styles of Danish as you can make but what if you really want to dress up a Danish pastry what do you do well you make my filled Danish braid that is really something special you [Music] danishes are sweet buttery pastries that honestly are delicious just about any time of the day I started things off with a basic Danish dough and then turning that into spiral raisin danishes cherry Danish twists and tropical fruit pinwheels and now I’ll step it up a notch use that same dough but make something worthy of being on display in a bake shop window an elegant filled Danish braid I’ve got a dried fruit filling and a cream-cheese filling so let me get started on the fillings first half a cup of prunes half a cup of raisins and half a cup of dried cranberries and additionally I like a little bit of candied citrus peel a quarter cup you can use any dried fruits you wish just so long as you’ve got a cup and a half in total I will add a bit of orange zest and I might as well make use of the orange and add some juice as well and then for an added bit of flavor cinnamon and ginger half a teaspoon of each and I’ll just give this a stir to combine it just set that aside now to make the cream cheese filling I have half a package so 125 grams of softened cream cheese 2 tablespoons of sugar a little splash of vanilla and then an egg yolk cleanse the perfect amount of set and I’m saving the white to use for a special topping I’m going to add a little later I’m just stirring to make sure it’s nice and smooth there we go set that aside and now it’s time to roll the pastry I’ve got a half recipe of the Danish dough and my goal here is to roll this into a rectangle it’s about 10 by 15 inches so once again I do like to trim my edges just to make a desert like this precise it’s time to cut the braids I want to just make a mark at 1/3 and 2/3 down the dough cut off at 45 degrees at the top and then you make basically chevron marks down the sides the first filling to go down the center is the cream cheese filling and then you spoon the dried fruits on top now this is the fun part to do the braiding first you tuck in at the top and I give it a little pinch down and then you start overlapping and you want to pull each piece of the braid over and all the way to the other side get a little frame and then those last few pieces get tucked right underneath like so now to get it on the baking tray line it with parchment carefully lift it up and on to the tray Oh beautiful but now it has to rest 90 minutes and then it’s ready for the oven so I’ll cover that up and I have one that’s ready to go and just like those individual danishes you want to brush this with an egg wash to promote that browning and the shine it’s amazing how that dough really does expand as it sits for that 90 minutes there we go now this is ready for the oven which I’ve preheated to 375 and this will take 30 minutes to bake until it’s a beautiful rich golden brown I’m not going to finish this apricot glaze when it’s out of the oven I’ve got some special decorations in mind [Music] you [Music] here we go the filled Danish braid is out of the oven and cooled and it looks fantastic instead of going for an apricot glaze I have two elements I’d like to add to this braid to decorate it on top sugared almonds and a simple icing sugar glaze now I’ll start with the sugared almonds it starts with an egg whites and I’m just going to whisk it it’s room temperature that should the egg white I saved from the filling I made earlier at this point I’ll add two tablespoons of sugar it’s put a lot of work and time into the Danish pastry let’s keep this simple and quick and I’ve got a cup of sliced almonds and I add those and just stir them to coat we’ve got a parchment lined baking tray and spread them out that way they’ll toast up evenly these take no time to bake 12 to 15 minutes in a 375 oven I have some that are already baked and cooled and this is what I mean about how they cluster together and then you just break them into pieces now of course I can’t sprinkle these right on top of my filled Danish braid because they would just fall right off that’s where the icing sugar glaze comes in half a cup of sifted icing sugar a tablespoon of milk and just with a fork stir it together there we go I’ll bring the cooled braid over and then just use the fork just let it drizzle over top nice little crumbling of the almonds oh and doesn’t that look stunning it really is a showpiece and reveal that filling with the cheese layer this is elegant enough to eat with a fork but forget it I’m just gonna eat it with my hands so now you truly have mastered everything there is to know about Danish pastry all sorts of styles flavors and presentations so I hope you’ll take all these tips home to your kitchen to bake and enjoy [Music]

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