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Baked Cream Cheese Tart Recipe – Cooking with Bosch



Baked Cream Cheese Tart Part 1: Sugar Dough Tart Add 300g of Butter to the Mixing Bowl Attachment of the Mum5 Kitchen Machine 130g of Icing Sugar Using the Paddle Attachment from the MUM5 Kitchen Machine, mix the Butter and Sugar till they 'fluffy' Add 1 Egg to the Mixture 500g of Flour Mix them well Wrap the Dough with Parchment Paper Chill the Dough for 30-45 Minutes Next, put the Chilled Dough onto the Parchment Paper Cut the Dough into half Sandwich the Dough between 2 pieces of Parchment Paper Roll it till reaches a 2mm thickness Cut out the shape of the tart tin Place the Dough that was cut, over the tart tin Gently press the Dough downwards and sideways Trim off Excess Dough along the rim of the tart tin Poke the Dough with a fork to create air pockets Bake the Tart at 160 degree celcius using 'Top and Bottom Heat' Mode for 12-15 Minutes Part 2: Cheese Mixture Place 300g of Cream Cheese into the Mixing Bowl Attachment from the MUM5 Kitchen Machine Add 80g of Sugar With the Paddle Attachment from the MUM5 Kitchen Machine, mix the Sugar till it melts Add 1 Egg to the Mixture 75g of Whipping Cream Mix them well Pour the Mixture into the Baked Tart Shell Bake the Tarts at 160 degree celcius using the 'Top and Bottom heat' Mode for 12 – 15 Minutes

Source: Youtube

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