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Baked Tofu Bites – taste like chicken nuggets!



– Hi friends It's Sam and today I'm gonna show you how to make my baked tofu bites

Now this is the only recipe on my blog that I kinda wanna say it does taste like chicken (chicken clucking) (giggling) These are kind of like chicken nuggets except so much better because not only are they vegan but they are really easy to make I'm talking five ingredients and bake for 30 minutes That's it So easy, amazing results

Now once you make this recipe you are gonna want to use these tofu bites everywhere I'm talking about serving them by themselves, having them kind of as a snack with maybe some hot sauce or ketchup as a dip Put 'em on a salad Put 'em in a sandwich, in tacos, on pasta, on pizza, on nachos The options are endless

Delicious everywhere, mmm mmm mmm So let's get to making my baked tofu bites Alright this is my kinda recipe So easy, just five ingredients, that's it Five ingredients

To a large bowl add a quarter cup of nutritional yeast, two tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of soy sauce, and one teaspoon of garlic powder Now that's it That's the marinade, just those four ingredients So whisk it together and you'll make this kinda brown pasty business And now we're just gonna have to add the tofu

So my recipe calls for two blocks on tofu If you find that a little bit intimidating, like a lot of tofu, then you're welcome to half the recipe It'll work exactly the same But I find that that's never enough tofu for me I end up eating half of this recipe straight off the baking pan

So yeah, I want the two block of tofu business So I'm just going to open the packages and drain the extra water off of the tofu Now take one block of tofu at a time and all you need to do is pinch the tofu and break off kind of large chunks I really like this method because it gives kind of an organic shape to the tofu, unlike cutting it into cubes And you'll get some pieces that are a bit more crispy and some pieces that are a bit chewy, and so I love the variation of texture as well

So you're just gonna break off chunks and toss 'em right into the marinade mixture Now every time I post a video where I don't press the tofu I inevitably get comments saying why don't you press the tofu? So I'll tell you Not all recipes need to have the tofu press It can be great for certain recipes but for this one you don't really need it because the tofu dries out in the oven anyways, which is basically what tofu pressing is It's just pushing out the extra moisture

So this is gonna dry out in the oven anyways The marinade is gonna get sucked right in there because we're baking it So I'm all about keeping my recipes simple and only doing as many steps as needed for the best results And so you don't need to press the tofu in this recipe Alright, so both blocks of tofu are chunked into pieces there in the bowl along with the marinade, so now just grab yourself a spoon or a spatula or you can just go in there directly with your hands if you like and toss it up until the tofu is evenly coated in the marinade

Lost a tofu piece Alright, all my tofu pieces are nice and evenly coated So grab yourself two baking trays with parchment paper And I'm just gonna toss these bits right onto my pan, every last little bit And spread that out nice and evenly

You wanna try to get as much air around the tofu pieces as possible so they get nice and chewy and crispy and all sorts of deliciousness Beautiful Now I'm just gonna pop these in my oven at 375 and bake for about 30 minutes, stopping to give them a stir half way through until they are lovely and lightly golden See you in 30 minutes or in like half a second your time They're done they're done they're done they're done they're done

Okay, that looks yummy Whoo, they smell so good Check it out Gorgeous Bites, get on there

Whoo, making a mess Chickpea's coming over She predicts that I will spill some on the floor Let's see if she's right Oh yeah

Loving it Smells so good, making me so hungry You know what, all of these tiny little crumbles are almost my favorite part I love them too Whooee look at that tofu

So I put a little bowl here I'm gonna have some Frank's Red Hot with mine And there we go An enormous platter of tofu bites Okay I'm gonna give one a taste

Little dippy dippy Mmm, so good No No No

(distorted noise) Oh Chickpea's coming over She predicts that I will spill some on the floor She predicts that I will spill some on the floor (in slowed down deep voice) She predicts that I will spill some on the floor Let's see if she's right

(distorted noise) (slowed down deep voice) Nooo That one's for you, Chickpea There you go Don't burn your tongue She's so happy right now

Is that good? Yeah, I thought so Lucky dog Mmm, so good It's my favorite when such a simple recipe like this can make something so delicious and scrumptious Mmm, this is just one of those multi-purpose recipes that you can use over and over again

So simple, so delicious I love it I make it all the time Mmm, they're chewy and flavorful and ah, so delicious I could eat this whole thing

I can't stop eating them I hope you like this video and if you do let me know by leaving a like and don't forget to subscribe for a brand shiny new futz-free vegan video every single Wednesday I'll see you next week Bon appetegan (chicken clucking) (upbeat music) These are for me Chickpea

These are kind of like chicken nuggets but tofu Delicious, five ingredients, easy to make, a lot of hand gestures involved, you know

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